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UNILAG, FCET Akoka land dispute deepens

The Federal College of Education (FCE) (Technical), Akoka, Lagos, has said that the land dispute between it and the University of Lagos (UNILAG) had yet to be resolved in spite of the court and Minister of Education’s intervention.

Mr. Ephraim Dada, Acting Provost, Federal College of Education (FCE) (Technical ), Akoka, said this in an interview in Lagos.

The interview was on the sidelines of the college’s matriculation of newly admitted students for the 2018/2019 academic session on Tuesday.

Dada said UNILAG had claimed that all the land around its campus and FCE(T) axis belonged to them and insisted on not releasing the allocated parcel to the college.

“Both institutions went to court and even the Minister of Education had intervened but the issue was still unresolved.

“The minister had also said that the available parcel of land around both institutions belongs to the government and so, UNILAG should allow the college to use the land as allocated.

“The struggle is still on and I do not know how the issue will be resolved by the ministry, ” he said.

According to him, the fence the college attempted to build on the parcel of land in dispute was demolished by UNILAG.

Dada said the problem of space constraints in the school was responsible for the construction of storey buildings, which was capital intensive because the environment was waterlogged.

He complained that the space constraints was also affecting growth and expansion of the college.

The acting provost, however, disclosed that the college was proposing to acquire hectares of land at Agbowa area in Ikorodu, to expand its structures and schools but was hindered by funds.

“A family had offered us land at Agbowa but because such money must be generated from our IGR and we have not been able to raise that, we could not acquire it yet,” he said.

Dada, however, lauded the effort of college’s provost, Dr. Sijibomi Olusanya and TETFUND’s intervention which led to the construction of the new buildings and road network in the college.

It was reported that Dada was appointed as the acting provost by the College’s Governing Council on Feb. 19, 2019.

Other reports show that the college matriculated 794 students for the 2018/2019 academic session.

One hundred and eighty-two students were matriculated in the School of Science Education, the School of Education had 250 students, 30 students were for School of Technical Education.

The School of Vocational Education had 52 students, while 282 students were matriculated in the School of Business Education.

Credit: Independent

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