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Ikorodu town

What You Should Know About Ikorodu Town (2)

Ikorodu town – initially a massive forest lying a few kilometers north of the Lagos Lagoon, and less than 10 kilometers north of the Atlantic Ocean, was once a walled City. This article is the second and concluding part of “ What you should know about Ikorodu”. It bridges the gap between the old and the new.

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Lagos state – a land flowing with milk and honey with a population of 21 million people is the fastest growing city in Africa. Lagos is a dreamer’s enclave and it is believed by many as a place where dreams come true. And like they say; success has many offspring, hence, Ikorodu is one of the latest addition to the list of sprawling cities in Lagos.

Ikorodu town is located in Lagos state, southwestern Nigeria. It lies near the Lagos Lagoon, on the Bight of Benin, 14 miles (23 km) northwest of Lagos.

The town is bounded on the South by the Lagoon. In the north, Ikorodu shares common boundary with Ogun State. While in the East, it has common boundary with Agbowa-Ikosi, a town in Epe Division of Lagos State. Ikorodu is a traditional settlement of the Awori people (a subgroup of the Yorubas).

Ikorodu in the last 40 years or so, did not extend beyond the inner circular route: Ojubode, Etunrenren, Epadi, (Ayangbunren Road) Oju Ogbe, Ireshe, Eluku Street, Ojubode Street Ojubode Orere Garage (Oriwu Hotel) Lagos Road, Ikorodu Township has now metamorphosed into a metropolis of over a million people extending to Aga Titun, Agbele, Erunwen, Solomade, Eyita, Agbala, Lowa, Gbasemo, Oke Ota Ona etc.

Also, there has again been an extension to greater Ikorodu by the creation of Ikorodu West Development Council Area, Owutu as the headquarters which includes Ipakodo, Majidun, Otowolo, Oriokuta, Ajaguro, Ogolonto, Araromi-Solebo etc. and Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area, that includes Isiwu, Odogunyan, Odonla, Odokekere, Okegbegun, Rofo, Lasunwon, Agbede, Losi Oba, Erikorodo, Araromi, Mojoda, Oke Ogbodo, Laiyeode/Akaun, Liadi, Maya, Parafa, Adamo, Aleke etc.

Surrounding major towns that make up Ikorodu Divisions are Imota, Ijede and Igbogbo and all these major towns constitute their own Local Council Development Area with their respective traditional rulers (Obas). In the aspect of industrialization, it must be noted that in Ikorodu town alone, half of the twenty-five (25) registered banks by the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) have branch offices in Ikorodu.

Ikorodu’s relative closeness to sprawling Lagos conurbation makes it the fastest growing exurb near Lagos metropolis. There is influx of people from Ikorodu’s surrounding towns and villages and also from Lagos metropolis.

Also, if you are already living in Ikorodu and working in places around Victoria Island, you probably already enjoy a regular boat ride to and fro every day. But if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. Ikorodu to Victoria Island offers you a scenic view of the Lagos mainland while taking in the coastal breeze. The experience has to be lived, not imagined. More reason staying or living in Ikorodu is seen as a worthwhile venture.

Perhaps one place that a property buyer can still acquire a plot of land for five hundred thousand naira. Towns around Ikorodu such as Igbogbo, Ijege, Ofin, Igberigbe, Igbo-Okuta and most of the satellite towns surrounding the city are selling at a relatively affordable price.

Rent too is quite affordable in Ikorodu. A three-bedroom flat in Ikorodu still goes for about 350 thousand naira per annum, while a two-bedroom flat and self-contained apartments can still be gotten for 150 thousand naira and 100 thousand naira respectively.

Another thing that has attracted property buyers/investors to acquiring real estate in Ikorodu is its accessibility to other parts of Lagos and indeed the country as a whole. For instance, Ikorodu to Ikeja is a mere 20 minutes drive on less busy days and some 45 minutes drive to Lagos Island and another 12 minutes to lekki.

Again, due to its waterways, Ikorodu to Victoria Island is just a thirty minutes ferry ride. Ikorodu also borders Sagamu in Ogun state; a border town that can be linked to other parts of the country

Although the traffic congestion on the Mile 12-Ikorodu road doesn’t still look good due to the road expansion, there are better days ahead. The story should change soon with the hope of the completion of the Mile 12-Ikorodu road construction which is expected to open up the axis and lead to a rush and hustle for accommodation in that axis.

Conclusively, you must agree with me that Ikorodu is a burgeoning real estate destination in Lagos that is fast becoming a real estate investors’ delight. More reason you should join the Ikorodu train now!



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