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Who is to blame for this real estate scam?

Welcome to another edition of #ShelterMatters.

We got a letter last week from a reader and we decided to share with you. Please read and give your candid opinion in the comment section below:

My name is Akintunde Adejobi. After my secondary school education, I got the opportunity to travel to the United States of America to further my education in one of the prestigious universities over there.

While this was the best news ever, it wasn’t easy for my mother who was already a widow at the time to sponsor my trip, fee and accommodation bills even at the fact that my tuition was subsidized. However, my mother, being a hardworking woman sold some of her jewelries, borrowed from friends and added to the savings she had to make sure her only son did not miss the big opportunity.

After my education abroad, I was lucky enough to be recommended by one of my Lecturers to a firm where I was employed, and I was able to earn a living.

After 3years in the company, I decided to bring my mother over with the help of Mr. Frank who had then become more than a friend and colleague to me. After spending few weeks with me, my mother was of the opinion that it was necessary for me to have a house in our country. She said I could choose to build anywhere and not necessarily in my home town.

Then I thought about it and thought Lagos, but there was a problem. We were never close to any relative due to the treatment my mother got after the death of my father. We were all we’ve got, my mother and I.

Mr. Frank was returning to Nigeria, so he offered to help me employ the services of an agent to help acquire a land and build while I sent money when available and necessary.

This started far back as 2004, we made calls, got an agent, I investigated him as much as I could and then transaction started. He sent me pictures of the land, documents and all.

When I started sending him (the agent) money to build, he kept on sending me pictures of different stages of the house. After sending him almost 17million naira for building, I was assured I had a fine duplex waiting for me.

I got back to the country in December 2008 and I met the shock of my life. Thank goodness there was a land but was only fenced round with foundation being the only thing ever done . I was broken and couldn’t contact the agent guy. That was how I was scammed.

I tell this story to everyone who cares to listen, Real estate scam is real. It is quite easier to avoid it now but one needs to be very careful.


It’s up to you readers, who do we blame for this; the writer or the agent? Why?

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  1. Haaa…depression of the highest order! Contact a real estate developer company instead

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