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How To Sack Your Landlord Faster and Cheaper

Over the existence of man difficult times and difficult challenges have always required creative solutions.

According to UN statistics, 85% of Nigeria urban populace live in a rented house, devoting more than 40% of their income on rent. Thereby making them have to deal with unimaginable pressure in their economic life. Most especially because the tenant has no end in sight, rent payment this way is till perpetuity.

I was told of Mr. John (not real name) who was a faithful tenant in a flat apartment somewhere on Lagos Mainland for over 20years. At the time of the economic crunch in 2008, he lost his job and was unable to meet up with his rent payment. Unfortunately for him also, the rent from the apartment has become something the Landlord look forward to having retired 3 years earlier. Facing uncertainty, he was given a quit notice. He eventually had to distribute his belongs here and there and his children and wife went to stay with different members of his extended family and kind hearted friends pending when he could get his life back together again. Sad though, he never was able to fully recover from that distortion, the last I heard about him, he had moved to the village.

Imagine paying 25years rent faithfully and it amounted to nothing when the chips were down. Who do we blame, the Landlord? Definitely not, every investor is entitled to returns on investment and the burden of charity requires more than the will to take it on most times. Do we then blame Mr. John? Why we may not then. I will blame Mr. John if he happened to have come across what I am about to share some years before his trouble started and did not take advantage of it but rather prefer to continue to pay rent recklessly.

Here is the deal, after over 13years in operation, tones of research and hard work, we at Realty Point Limited have now come up with a solution to crush the dearth of housing ownership in Nigeria through a quasar funding initiative for interested and qualified prospects to own their homes. With what we have come up with, if you can afford to pay rent, you can own your own house.

I will be sharing everything about the initiative at the seminar and attendees will have the opportunity to opt-in immediately. Now you can own your own house more easily, faster and cheaper without Mortgage or borrowing.

Make it a date with me this May as I give you useful secrets on how to become your own Landlord.

Theme:       RENT 2 OWN MADE EASY (How to Sack Your Landlord faster and cheaper)

Date:             Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Time:             10 am prompt

Seminar Venue:   REALTY PLACE, 3, Olaide Benson Street (opposite Deeper Life Church),     Onigbongbo, Maryland, Lagos.

FEE: N5000 (N7500 from May 9th, 2018)

Click this link to register http://eepurl.com/dr5uPD

After registration make your payment using our bank details below

No RISK at all on your part because I have put in my 100% Money Back guarantee on this!

This is how it works: Pay now to register, attend the seminar and if after staying for the first 45minutes you think you are not getting value, stand up, walk up to them at the  registration table to say you are not interested in what I am sharing. Your details will be noted and we will get your account credited with refund on Monday May 14, no further questions asked.

There are very limited seats available at the seminar hall.

Register Now: http://eepurl.com/dr5uPD

Please make payment to 0007754736 (GTB) Realty Point Limited.

Send your name, number and email to 08093930651 after payment to confirm your seat at the seminar. You can also call the same number for more information.

Make hay while the sun shines! Don’t miss out!




PRICE: N2000

  • Mortgage
  • How to raise money for a real estate business
  • Different approaches to buying property
  • DOs & DON’Ts of Real Estate Investment
  • A full understanding of the “Ogun State Home Charter Program” and how to benefit from it.
  • Dynamics of Landed Properties With Flexible Payment Options
  • Real Estate Investments You Can Make in this Economy
  • What You Should Know About ‘Rent To Own’ Real Estate
  • Understanding Legal Documents/Documentations in Real Estate
  • How To Appraise Real Estate Investment Projects For The Layman
  • Real Estate in 2018: The Opportunities and the Odds

PRICE: N5000


Interested in any of the listed topics? You can either get them in soft copies or Hard copies (CDs).

Please call 08093930651 or send a mail to nigeriarealestatehub@gmail.com to place your order.

Please make payment to 0007754736 (GTB) Realty Point Limited.

Thank you.


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Debo Adejana Seminar

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