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Real estate entrepreneur's fast track course

Must-attend real estate training for realtors, entrepreneurs, developers, lawyers, etc.

Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Fast Track Course is a 2-day physical real estate training (1-day virtual) aimed at helping you get started in Real Estate Business either as a newbie growing into an expert or as an experienced player.

It is an investment that will help you upskill and build confidence as a real estate enthusiast.

We believe that anybody can become a real estate entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom within 12 – 24 months. Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve this. The wonderful thing about our real estate training is that it works in the real world! A lot of people have become Real Estate Experts through these training programs.

Real estate entrepreneur’s fast track course is worth more than N200,000 but we are not charging you for it. We only ask that you pay N9,700 as commitment fee to let us know that you are going to show up.

Who is This Training For?

>>  Anyone who wants to be financially free, especially through Real Estate or any other industry they are in.

>>  Intending and Practicing Real Estate Agents/Brokers/Realtors

>>  Active and intending Real Estate Investors

>>  Active and intending  Real Estate Developers

>>  First Time Home Owners

>>  Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, etc.

What You Will Learn At The Real Estate Entrepreneur’s Fast Track Course.

>>  How to start your Real Estate Entrepreneurship journey even if you have no money and no experience

>>  How to sell back-to-back like a Machine

>>   Discover creative Real Estate Investment Strategies to land sky-high returns.

>>  How to get into International Real Estate.

>>  How to search out juicy real estate investment deals.

>>  The exact steps needed to get started in property development.

>>  Learn the intricacies of joint venture development.

>>  How to carry out due diligence so you can avoid bad deals… and lots more

To register, visit….https://msm.realtypointltd.com/fast-track-course—one-time-offer2 or call 08093930651

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