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6 Must-Read Real Estate Books For Investors in 2018

6 Must-Read Real Estate Books For Investors in 2018

The importance of personal development by reading content-rich real estate books cannot be overstated, especially if you are an investor and your money is at stake. An investment in oneself, they say, is the best form of investment you will ever find.  It’s the secret to separating yourself from the pack, the bridge that carries you toward the goals you ...

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Investment Co-op, BERSAMA Calls for Partnership With Real Estate Entrepreneurs Across Nigeria

Bersama Cooperative Calls For Partnership

BERSAMA, an emerging investment co-op in Nigeria is calling for Partnership with Real Estate Entrepreneurs across Nigeria. The BERSAMA Multipurpose Cooperative Society is recruiting partner organizations and enterprises to work together in a bid to expand to more states in Nigeria. We seek leaders who can champion the BERSAMA movement across 16 cities of the Nigerian federation. Are you self ...

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Tips: How to Increase Your Property’s Value Before Selling

Sure Tips on How to Increase Your Property's Value Before Selling

When it comes to putting up your property for sale, it is important to know that the property’s value is directly proportional to the amount of money it will command in the market. A dilapidated house with dirty and shrunken features will not command the same market price as a beautifully house with a nicely mowed lawn. According to real-estate ...

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Positives and Drawbacks of Flipping a House In Nigeria

Flipping a house

Flipping a house simply means buying a property and reselling quickly for a profit. This is one of the smartest investment options around and it requires very minimal efforts. It basically involves your money as well as an in-depth knowledge of land ownership and the buying and selling process, you are good to go. House Flipping is often used to ...

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When Is The Right Age To Buy A House In Nigeria?

When is the right age to buy a house in Nigeria

In your honest opinion, when do you think is the right age to buy a house? At what point in life should an individual begin to consider acquiring a land and building his first house? This is an issue i would be addressing today, so take your time to digest this article carefully. Buying a house, is one of, if not ...

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Where & How To Find Coworking Spaces In Lagos

coworking spaces in lagos

Startups in Nigeria often face the challenge of having little or no funding, as well as inability to maintain a physical office space. However, the need for an office structure by these startups is being effectively catered for by the sheer increase in number of coworking spaces. One of the ways to support Startups in their early stages of their ...

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5 Ways We Can Prevent Accidents In Homes


We often think of our homes as our safe havens, but that’s not always the case. Hundreds of thousands of accidents in and around the home occur each year, with close to half of all injuries and deaths happening right under someone’s roof. This article talks about what we can do to prevent accidents in our homes. There’s no need ...

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