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What’s your most valued possession?

most valued possession

Most dictionaries define possession as a form of ownership. Most of the things that fall into that category are either bought or earned. And the term valuable is normally used with relation to monetary exchange or at least to convey great importance. The reactions about most valued possession we got from our social media handles are quite different from what ...

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Whose responsibility is it to fix your leaking roof?

leaking roof

We’ve heard so many tales of landlords and their shenanigans. Someone once opined that the reason landlords behave the way they do is that LORD in their name while they treat their tenants like the ANT in their name. So back to our question, whose responsibility is it to fix your leaking roof? This question should have been a very ...

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Is the cost of living in Lagos too high?

cost of living

How high is the cost of living in your area? We’ve had differing opinions about the cost of living in Lagos and Abuja being higher than that of other states but surprisingly, we found out there is a state that is higher than both. Want to know which state? Read the reactions below Onyinyechi Udeolisa said Yes Oluwadamilola Hillary Ashaolu ...

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Where in Lagos would you love to buy land?

Lands in Lagos

When it comes to selling property or land in Lagos State or any part of the world, the first thing you need to consider is the location. It is a very crucial aspect of real estate. Things like this would give you an insight to the location people are looking to invest and also find out possible demands of  people ...

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Describe your landlord’s daughter in one sentence

landlord's daughter

If you have never lived in a rented apartment owned by a man who has a beautiful daughter, you may not understand this write-up. The connection between landlord’s daughter and bachelors in the house can be compared to that of the seeker and a mother confessor. Their little shenanigans give their fathers a mini-heartbreak which makes some of them very ...

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What do Landlords have against single ladies?

Single ladies

Single ladies are disgruntled with the menace of landlords who deny them the right to have a roof over their head simply because they are single. A certain Facebook user once shared the ordeal she had with her landlord and it was quite embarrassing. When she was on a quest to get an apartment, most of the landlords refused to ...

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Which city is more expensive: Port Harcourt or Lagos?

Port Harcourt

Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria; flocking with various kinds of people from different works of life while Port Harcourt is the home of oil boys (guys working in oil companies). Because of the status quo of the boys in Port Harcourt, people tend to rate the state of living in Port Harcourt higher than that of Lagos. ...

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What’s the price of rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in your area?

3-bedroom apartment

Do you need to rent a 3-bedroom apartment and you don’t know the price range for different areas? This article is your best bet. It’s a known fact that apartments are valued based on the location, area and easy access to the city. That’s why we decided to carry out an anecdotal survey to guide people who are searching for ...

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