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Is the cost of living in Lagos too high?

How high is the cost of living in your area?

We’ve had differing opinions about the cost of living in Lagos and Abuja being higher than that of other states but surprisingly, we found out there is a state that is higher than both.

Want to know which state?

Read the reactions below

Onyinyechi Udeolisa said Yes

Oluwadamilola Hillary Ashaolu said it’s very high. One of my major prayers is not to live in Lagos.

Alimi Omoshalewa said Yes it is.

Adédoyin Abóládé said Very very high depending on where you are though. But, I still don’t know what will make me live in Lagos sha.

Hibeekay Lee said Transport alone will slim fit your salary in a month.

Damilola Fayoyiwa said No. Food is cheap in Lagos. Transport might be higher but breathing alone in Port Harcourt is expensive.
Another advantage of living in Lagos is that you can be offered dates but in PH? They will start devising means to sleep with you.
You no fit chop their 1k oo. You must do one round ni sha.

Sumbo Okuboyejo said Hmmmmmmmmmm. I can relate.

Afolabi Olabode Moshood said Not only living in Lagos is high. Dying in Lagos too is high. A space for general grave in a public cemetery (e.g Atan cemetery) is 250,000. Can u imagine that?

Ayodele Akomolede said I don’t think living in Lagos is that high because it all depends on where you live and what you can afford. Just make sure you cut your coat according to your material.

Abiodun Iromini said It’s not. Lagos accommodates all classes as long as you stay on your lane.

Akinyemi Oluwaseunfunmi said it’s ten high sef
Not all parts of Lagos sha. Almost everything on the mainland is cheap. For instance, a tuber of yam on the mainland is between N400-600 but N1,000 on the island.
Living on the island is high, mainland is cheaper but living on the mainland while working on the island makes it high for those on the mainland due to high cost of transportation. That’s why a lot of people sleep in their places of work from Mondays to Fridays and then go to their various homes on the mainland every Friday night. With this, I can say that living in Lagos is high.

What do you think?

Are you of the opinion that the cost of living in Port Harcourt is higher than that of other states?

Kindly share your opinions with us

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