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Estate Developer supports Buhari’s veto on new national housing fund bill

New national housing fund bill

Real Estate Entrepreneur, ‘Debo Adejana shared his view about the new national housing fund bill passed into law by the National assembly on February 18th, 2019. He commends President Buhari for no assenting to the bill. He said “Going through the Deloitte report that I read about the bill, while I commend the National Assembly for giving consideration to ways ...

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What you must know about MORTGAGE in Nigeria Real Estate

National Housing Fund

For most Nigerians that have served the government or being into civil service for donkey years it is almost impossible that they save enough to own a piece of land talk-less having money to build their own houses. Therefore, many Nigerians do require one form of assistance or the other to become landlords. This assistance normally should come in form of mortgage, ...

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How To Find The Best Property Manager For Your Property In Nigeria

Property Manager

Being a landlord in Nigeria can be a difficult job, especially if you have decided to put up your property for rent. Aside from having to sift through potential tenants, promote and manage your property, you also have to ensure that you can maximize your return on investment without breaking the law or allowing your properties to fall into disrepair. ...

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What You Should Know About Real Estate Investment Cycles

real estate investment cycle

Do not dabble into “timing” the market. From my wealth of experience in real estate investment, “timing” the market is too risky a venture for any real estate investor. To avoid this practice, you need to have a sound knowledge of the market that you are in, and you also need to know the stage at which the market is ...

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Plot Sizes and Measurements

Plot sizes

What is the standard used in measuring plots? What is the standard plot size? Is it the same everywhere or does it change by location? How did our fathers measure land in their days? What has changed now? Find answers to all these questions in this piece about Plot Sizes and Measurements by Debo Adejana, MD/CEO of Realty Point Limited. ...

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How to deal with Omo-Onile wahala


Land grabbers popularly known in the south-west Geographical region of Nigeria as Omo-Oniles or Ajagungbaale in some quarters have become a menace to prospecting landlords and homeowners over the years. The troubles that emanate from the stables of omo-Oniles especially in Lagos and Ogun states can be life-threatening a times if care is not taken, little wonder Lagos state passed ...

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How To Buy Land In Nigeria

Buy Land In Nigeria

Searching for where to buy land in Nigeria is not a walk in the park especially when the buyer is new to property transactions.  In view of this, the first thing that should come to mind when you want to buy land is the issue of finance. Although finance is the major fuel that drives the intent to buy land, ...

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Debo Adejana Seminar Returns in February!

Debo Adejana Seminar

Are you still wondering how 2018 will pan out for you business-wise? Do you want to invest in real estate but have no idea how best to go about it? Are you already a real estate investor and looking for new ways to hit it big this year? If your answers to the aforementioned questions is ‘YES’ then this is ...

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