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Choosing the right sponsor in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)


The one thing I will ordinarily consider as a highly important step in Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is the need to choose the right sponsor. Today, I will like to share what I consider to be steps to success in multi-level marketing (MLM). You can as well say, steps to success in network marketing. In the world of network marketing ‘Sponsor’ ...

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NANS Awards CEO of Realty Point LTD, Debo Adejana

NANS Awards CEO of Realty Point LTD, Debo Adejana

The National Association of Nigerian Students’ (NANS) zone D (South-West), has awarded the MD/CEO Realty Point LTD, Debo Adejana for the NANS Hall of Fame 2016 as Icon of Emulation. According to Comrade Oludaisi Afolabi, the Chairman NANS Hall of Fame 2016, Mr. Debo Adejana was awarded for his exemplary service and conduct in business, and in the real estate ...

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The Dangers of Land With Flexible Payment

Flexible payment

The dangers of land with flexible payment are numerous, especially those ones that tell you to buy two and get one free. Usually, when something sounds too good to be true it is probably not true. If a company does a promo of this nature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get a free plot of land ...

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What You Must Know About Mortgage In Real Estate


For most Nigerians that have served the government or being into civil service for donkey years it is almost impossible that they save enough to own a piece of land talk-less having money to build their own houses. Therefore, many Nigerians do require one form of assistance or the other to become landlords. This assistance normally should come in form ...

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How To Deal With Craftsmen And Artisans On Site

craftsmen and artisans

This article explores the various method of dealing with craftsmen and artisans on your building site. It also gives you useful insight on how to effectively manage “these people” in other to have a smooth working relation with them and also to ensure a crisis-free project. Managing workmen and artisans on site is a rather tricky venture. If you are ...

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What You Should Know About Land Status

land status

Ordinarily knowing your land status saves you from several heartaches that come with land hassles. I have witnessed many cases in the course of my real estate sojourn where people buy land without doing their due diligence. Today, I will be giving you an insight into what you should know about different land status. Imagine a situation where Ministry of ...

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DEBO ADEJANA’s Real Estate Seminar holds this Saturday

Real Estate Seminar

After a long wait, MD/CEO of Realty Point Limited, Debo Adejana will be holding his Real Estate Seminar this Saturday, April 9, 2016. The Debo Adejana Quarterly Real Estate Seminar will be returning this weekend after more than a year. The last edition was held in February 2015 and a lot of people have looked forward to holding the educative ...

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How To Access An Estate Developer’s loan

Estate Developer's loan

This article tells you what you should know and subsequently do to access an estate developer’s loan in Nigeria. It is a long process in gaining access to funds for that estate development project.  Estate developers in Nigeria have one major constraint and that is the cost of acquiring land which is the first stage on a somewhat tumultuous path ...

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