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Records, Book keeping and Accounting in Real estate

To succeed in any business, Real estate inclusive it is very essential you keep records.  Some weeks ago, while transiting to our permanent site I happened to stumble on some documents in relation to my real estate business from eight years back.  I was befuddled to say the least as I saw records from yesteryears come alive before my very ...

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Understanding the Risk

  The month of April is a significant month for us in Realty Point Limited because it was the month we made our grand entry into the Real Estate Community. I want to use this platform to formally announce to our readers here on www.nigeriarealestatehub.com that Realty Point is 10 years! I want to say a big thanks to everyone ...

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Integrity in Real Estate Business – Debo Adejana

Integrity is an integral act that an individual should incorporate in his/her attitudinal dispositions to succeed in life and real estate is no different. It is the social currency you spend that enables you move up life’s ladder. Albeit because integrity is not a hard earned currency, you may want to think it’s not important but suffice to say that ...

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Knowing your market – Debo Adejana

Knowing your market is synonymous to playing a game of soccer, with the rules of the game acting as a determining factor to how well you understand the game while your knowledge of the tactics adopted by your team and your ability to flow with changing trends will serve as a prelude to your overall success. Therefore, for you to ...

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My Real Estate Business Success Tips – Debo Adejana


Last week we talked about the time it takes to succeed in real estate business. This week, we begin a series that will be delving into tips that come handy if you are to succeed in your real estate business. The foremost and most consequential success hint to any human endeavour is having a road map; You need to work ...

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The TIME it takes to SUCCEED in real estate business

It’s been ten years coming for us in the real estate business. Looking back, I won’t say it’s been a jolly good ride, as it is with every real business there are bound to be hiccups, pitfalls, wrong turns, steep roads and of course a time of harvest. We’ve experienced it all and it’s been worth the ride. However, there ...

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The ‘SUPPLIER’s CREDIT’ approach to buying properties

This is the continuation of the ‘Approaches to buying properties’ series we started towards the end of last year. You can read the earlier articles where we discussed the first approach here and here. The second method is what you can call a supplier’s credit. Supplier’s credit like we know it is your supplier giving you goods to sell before ...

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Nigeria Real Estate Hub invites you to attend DEBO ADEJANA MONTHLY REAL ESTATE SEMINAR The Seminar is a platform where we share knowledge, information and interact with Real estate practitioners, investors and enthusiasts about latest trends and practices in the industry. We also point the way to success in the industry. It is our hope that you will be on ...

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Dealing With The Challenges Of A Real Estate Developer

Today, I want to talk about the challenges of a real estate developer. Recently, I had the honour of being with Otunba Olajide Awosedo, the chairman of Grant Properties Limited, a foremost real estate developer particularly in Lagos State and the ice – breaker in the Lekki peninsular axis. Some of you would know a thing or two about Goshen ...

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