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How To Deal With Craftsmen And Artisans On Site

This article explores the various method of dealing with craftsmen and artisans on your building site. It also gives you useful insight on how to effectively manage “these people” in other to have a smooth working relation with them and also to ensure a crisis-free project.

Managing workmen and artisans on site is a rather tricky venture. If you are not careful with the way you manage and oversee their activities on site you may just find yourself always changing them except of course you can do their jobs. If not you really have to be careful about your dealings with them. Regardless, it is consequential you learn how to put them to task and get the maximum out of them.

Some Site managers/project managers are usually not able to quantify the amount of work done by their craftsmen and artisans which results in wrong perception and subsequently a breach in communication.

The remainder of this article will deal with the means on how to conveniently manage these construction workers on site, especially craftsmen and artisans:

At the start of every work day on site, you have to be able to assign tasks to the various artisans and work men on your site according to the laid down standards obtainable in the construction industry. Invariably, you should know the standard day work for an Iron bender, a bricklayer, welder, a carpenter e.t.c.

Knowing the standard rates/wages of these artisans as they vary from place to place should also be common knowledge. Being conversant with your Bill Of Quantity and the going rates would also ensure that you are not cheated on site . If you have this piece of information at the back of your hand you will not be cajoled into buying 10 bags of cement when you only need 7 bags

If you have to oversee your own building project then you have to be knowledgeable and vast in the aspect of buildings, quantities and management of work men on project site or else get a professional to supervise your building construction/project. Using professionals save you a whole range of other cost that may arise due to your lack of experience.  It also gives you peace of mind when you know that your building was erected by professionals.

It is therefore essential to be mindful to work with professionals in other to get the best results. However, these professionals also need to be managed. Your presence or the presence of a trusted ally at the site of your project is non-negotiable. You or your trusted ally must be vast in the procurement of materials for your building project to avoid being taken advantage of. That way you won’t be spending more than you bargained for.

You should also have a very good control over your store; that is where your building materials are kept. Having a record of the movement of materials in and out of your store should be at the front burner. Good asset and risk management should also be part of your functions as a site supervisor or project manager

Also, it is advisable that you get your Bill of Quantity (BOQ) which is usually supplied by the Quantity surveyor.

The aforementioned should make up the core of your responsibilities if you are planning on overseeing the construction project on your site. It should also aid you in handling and managing the various artisans and craftsmen working on your building site.

Learning one or two tricks especially the inculcation of people skill in dealing with the craftsmen and artisans due to their low level of education and reasoning will also help bring sanity to your construction site.


Debo Adejana

MD/CEO Realty Point Ltd


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