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What do you think were the causes of the recent Lagos flooding?

Lagos flooding

The recent Lagos flooding was a major highlight of events in Lagos this time last week. We had two people who shared their thoughts on the causes and what can be done to avoid the recurrence of such in the nearest future. Nkuturum Ebenezer Woke of the Department of Forestry Resources and Wildlife Management, University of Benin said, “I have ...

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Ever lived in a ghetto? How was it like?

Ghetto Life

This week’s vox pop is an interesting one as we shared in the experiences of people who have once lived in the ghetto. We threw out this opinion poll to people on Facebook and we were able to harness reactions of different sorts. According to dictionary.com, ghetto is defined as a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum ...

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Would you prefer to live on campus or off campus?

Would you love to live on or off campus

The decision of whether to live on campus or off campus is the next important thing after securing an admission. This decision directly or indirectly affects the quality of living as a student-Undergraduate or Postgraduate. We conducted an opinion poll on Facebook and we got very interesting reactions. We gathered that there is an approximate balance in the number of ...

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Would you rather live alone or get a roommate?

Would you rather live alone or get a roommate?

After a thorough house hunt, what’s next is deciding whether you want to live alone or get a roommate. In some cases, this is already decided even before renting an apartment. This week, we conducted a vox pop on Facebook– would you rather live alone or get a roommate? It was not surprising that many people chose to rather live ...

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Who do you think should do house repairs: landlord or tenant?

60 abandoned Nigerian Government buildings In Lagos turn criminal hideouts

A lot of questions have been raised in time past as regards house repairs. In fact, this has generated a lot of argument. Both tenants and landlords constantly feel cheated because either feel they are being forced to pay for house repairs supposed to be handled by the other. We asked people on Facebook to air their opinions on who ...

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Would you buy a house or build from scratch?

buy houses

Last week, we conducted a vox pop on Facebook to gather people’s opinions about whether they would like to buy a house or build from scratch? We got very many reactions. It was not surprising to learn that majority of the people who expressed their opinions would rather build their houses from scratch than buy the house. Many people would ...

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