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Renting an apartment: which would you consider first – water, electricity or network?

House hunt or search can be very daunting. What’s more daunting is concluding on which place to finally pick when renting an apartment. This “unexpected” challenge crops up when you have two or more good choices.

There are a lot of factors many people consider, among which are water, electricity, good roads, cost of living, proximity to the market, network and a whole lot of other factors that are probably unique to the individual in search of an apartment.

We conducted a vox pop today on Facebook to ask which of these factors people would consider first or more- water, electricity or network? This vox pop is actually still ongoing, you can join in. You can also pass a comment under this article, we would like that very much.

Approximately, we found out that more than 50% of the people responding picked water. They chose to consider water first. Electricity comes next. Network comes last.

There are a few other interesting and particularly hilarious comments on the thread. Read some of them below:

Poet Emmanuel Fatoyinbo – To Fech Water Na Wahala For Me O, Na Water I Go Consider, I Fit Cary My Kaya Go Charge For The Another Area, And If Tall Trees Don Dey There, No Yawa Again O

Roli Maye Afinotan 1) Cross ventilation (but i know this is not on your list) 2) Water 3) Electricity  4) Network.

Laura Laura I literally ‘sleep’ on the internet

Ijay Annie Water na… For electricity, gen can provide. For Network, look for the nearest tree and climb na

Minstrel IFaithworks Odunaike It will interest you that where I am today is solely because of electricity.
That’s the main deal for me.

So, over to you now. Which of these factors- water, electricity and network- would you consider first or more when renting an apartment?

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