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Expert tasks architects on local content in designing low cost housing


Mr Dipo Ajayi, President, Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), on Friday urged architects to start designing low cost housing using local materials for affordability. Ajayi gave the advice while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of Lagos Architects Forum 2019, organized by the Nigeria Institute of Architects in Lagos. Ajayi said that using local ...

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Ever lived in a ghetto? How was it like?

Ghetto Life

This week’s vox pop is an interesting one as we shared in the experiences of people who have once lived in the ghetto. We threw out this opinion poll to people on Facebook and we were able to harness reactions of different sorts. According to dictionary.com, ghetto is defined as a section of a city, especially a thickly populated slum ...

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Would you prefer to live on campus or off campus?

Would you love to live on or off campus

The decision of whether to live on campus or off campus is the next important thing after securing an admission. This decision directly or indirectly affects the quality of living as a student-Undergraduate or Postgraduate. We conducted an opinion poll on Facebook and we got very interesting reactions. We gathered that there is an approximate balance in the number of ...

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Zoning and building codes in real estate

Zoning and Building Codes

In most countries of the world, buildings are built based on adequate planning and strict adherence to the health and safety of the community. Constructing a building on your landed property will require due diligence. This is to ensure the structure is an acceptable model in the area where your land is located. For example, if an area is earmarked ...

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Policemen protest against sale of Police barracks

There has been growing anxiety at the Ikoyi Police Barracks, Lagos, since the resident police officers learnt that the barracks had allegedly been sold to private developers. According to PUNCH Metro, the barracks situated in a fenced compound on Ruxton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, has 18 flats and houses no fewer than 16 senior police officers with their families. Our correspondent ...

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