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Would you love to live on or off campus
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Would you prefer to live on campus or off campus?

The decision of whether to live on campus or off campus is the next important thing after securing an admission. This decision directly or indirectly affects the quality of living as a student-Undergraduate or Postgraduate.

We conducted an opinion poll on Facebook and we got very interesting reactions. We gathered that there is an approximate balance in the number of those who want to live on campus and those who want to live off campus. Common reasons why people would choose to live off campus include freedom, privacy and flexibility. For people who chose to stay on campus, their major reason was that wanted/want to feel and experience school in all its totality.

Below are particularly notable, some, interesting and some others, hilarious comments we had on social media.

Akan X-Imoh – I never even stayed in school hostel all my life. I can’t be sharing bathroom and toilet biko

SirEmmahills Hillary – On Campus for those *Bookees* aiming @ 1st Class…. Off Campus Rocks for My Likes

Olubunmi Mabel – Off campus. Can’t compromise my privacy.

Abayomi Oluwasegun Elijah – On campus did it for me oo. I enjoyed the company of others, it taught me how to relate with different set of people.I won’t advise anybody to stay on campus currently sha cos the of Almighty bed bugs.

Mobolaji Jonathan – Staying on camp is actually good except u have to share everything u have including ur food,life,privacy etc. And most times u will easy to some educational facilities within school easily.
While off camp u decide your space and privacy,but security issues is a challenge except on some rare cases. So both have their advantage and disadvantage.

Onyeagba Chiamaka – I’ve always lived off campus before l obtained my OND. My new school made it mandatory to live in the campus

Femi Fasugba-Melord – This question cannot be answered without taking into account the available infrastructure. Most of our universities do not argue the case for living On-campus. Personally, i prefer living on the premises. It makes for a well-rounded experience.

Students living as locals & dashing in/out to experience campus life? I think the reverse should be the case. In all, the university experience in Nigeria has been so influenced by attendant problems so much that it’s become a warped one. 

Kellen Christian – Campus from secondary school sef, this off camp life doesn’t suit me at all na manage

Qt’omah Cindy – Even with my money issue then, I lived off campus

So, we want to hear from you- on campus or off campus?

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