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What do Landlords have against single ladies?

Single ladies

Single ladies are disgruntled with the menace of landlords who deny them the right to have a roof over their head simply because they are single. A certain Facebook user once shared the ordeal she had with her landlord and it was quite embarrassing. When she was on a quest to get an apartment, most of the landlords refused to ...

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8 Things Every Bachelor Apartment Needs 


It is probably just an African man thing, but the interior of a bachelor apartment is rarely organised and furnished as you would expect. If there is an apartment you will visit without high expectation as regards the arrangement of furniture, items and personal effects in the apartment then that house has to be owned by a bachelor. It’s a ...

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What will you do if your landlord slaps you in a heated argument?


Rent issues come with a lot of dramas attached to it. Landlord-tenant relationship can be quiet hilarious and full of unwarranted embarrassment at times. Some of these landlords unapologetically put law into their hands. After all, it’s their house and this is Nigeria where anyone can do anything and get away with it. What will happen if your landlord slaps ...

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Court remands landlady who threw out tenant’s property to evict him


A landlady, Musli Tiamiyu, broke into her tenant’s apartment and threw out his property in the rain in a bid to evict him, the prosecution told an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. The 44-year-old trader, who resides at 10, Olorunshola St., Ojodu, a Lagos suburb, is being tried for burglary, damage, stealing and assault. Police Prosecutor Innocent Odugbo said the ...

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FG gives former Super Eagles coach 3-bedroom apartment in Abuja

Super Eagles

The Federal Government on Tuesday fulfilled its promise to former Super Eagles coach, Bonfrere Jo, handing him the keys to a three-bedroom apartment in Gwagwalada, Abuja. The Dutchman was promised a house after guiding the national U23 team to win the men’s football event at the Atlanta ’96 Olympic Games. Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, who handed ...

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When Your Best Friend Is Your Landlord

Landlord mistakes to avoid

Have you ever imagined a situation where your landlord is actually your best friend; be it childhood friend, buddy, colleague or even your ex-course mate? What are the advantages and implications of this sort of relationship? Find answers to the questions raised in this article Given that landlords wield so much power over their tenants, you’d think anyone who’s actually friends with ...

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Which part of your apartment do you love the most?

Which part of your apartment do you love the most and why ?

Our apartment often times become a part of our lives that we tend to love one part more than the other. We enjoy spending quality time in those specified areas that carrying out our day to day activities go smoothly. That’s why we decided to carry out an opinion poll to hear people’s views. The responses however will give you ...

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10 Different Types of Nigerian Landlords

Nigerian Landlords are arguably the most interesting characters in the subconscious of the average Nigerian Tenant. In this article, we take a critical look at 10 different types of Nigerian Landlords that besiege us. For Nigerian Landlords, there is the good, the bad and the ugly side to them. Nigerian landlords come in different flavours or would it be fair ...

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Co-tenancy: The gains of renting an apartment with a roommate


There comes a time in our life when staying alone can be a bit traumatizing. Single people who rent apartments without a corresponding flat mate or roommate do so mostly due to privacy but there are times they wish it was different. In this article we will be discussing the gains of renting an apartment with a flat mate. Co-tenancy ...

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