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Single ladies

What do Landlords have against single ladies?

Single ladies are disgruntled with the menace of landlords who deny them the right to have a roof over their head simply because they are single.

A certain Facebook user once shared the ordeal she had with her landlord and it was quite embarrassing.

When she was on a quest to get an apartment, most of the landlords refused to accept her simply because she was single. It became worse when she finally got one and the landlord told her specifically to start marking register for every visitor that comes into the house. In fact, she was warned sternly not to allow more than a certain number of visitors per day. The poor lady had to move out of the apartment out of frustration.

Now our question is this, is it a crime to be single and independent in Nigeria?

What’s the idea behind refusing to rent out apartments to single ladies?

Let’s find out from the reactions we got from our social media handles

Ayokelejaye Dharmie said it’s common amongst Lagos landlords

Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola said we are Asewo

Ajibola Akintunde said they believe;

1) They may be irresponsible.

2) They may not have the capacity to pay their rent as and when due.

3) Female tenants have too much wahala

Adédoyin Abóládé said it looks like most of their daughters marry straight from their houses so they feel threatened whenever a single lady comes looking for an apartment. It’s just a warped and stupid mentality.

Oni Solomon said the fear of different guys and men looking for them and inability to pay rent as and when due.

Chinedu Orji-Obasi said they are just myopic. Some believe a single lady shouldn’t be staying alone especially if the apartment is more than a room self-contain. They also believe ladies who stay alone make money with their body. Very stupid and whack mentality.

Damilola Fayoyiwa said they call single ladies Ashawo and I don’t know why.

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said they may be acting based on the experience(s) they’ve had in the past.

Da Psalmist Prince said we don’t want to be tempted

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said most of them are just poor businessmen.

Chugar Bayo said I am a landlord. A single lady/single mother is owing me rent of 8months.

No single lady will be accepted in my house again.

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Chinedu Orji-Obasi replied him saying sir, you can’t use the act of one single lady to judge others. Haba. It’s not fair

Chugar Bayo said I gave her discount on her rent yet she is the one giving me headache; that would be my last.

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Tayo Toba said I wonder why they treat singles ladies that way.

Now that you have read the reactions, what do you think?

We cannot continue to condone this ridiculous behaviour in a society that is supposed to be civilised.

But the question is this, how can it be stopped?

Let’s have your opinion(s) please

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