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What you must know about MORTGAGE in Nigeria Real Estate

National Housing Fund

For most Nigerians that have served the government or being into civil service for donkey years it is almost impossible that they save enough to own a piece of land talk-less having money to build their own houses. Therefore, many Nigerians do require one form of assistance or the other to become landlords. This assistance normally should come in form of mortgage, ...

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What do Landlords have against single ladies?

Single ladies

Single ladies are disgruntled with the menace of landlords who deny them the right to have a roof over their head simply because they are single. A certain Facebook user once shared the ordeal she had with her landlord and it was quite embarrassing. When she was on a quest to get an apartment, most of the landlords refused to ...

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Realty Point Rewards Oldest Staff Members With A Plot Of Land Each

Staff members

Realty Point Rewards Oldest Staff Members With A Plot Of Land Each Popular American author and businessman, Mr. Stephen Richards Covey, once said, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Also, the late American businessman and entrepreneur best known for founding the retailers, Walmart and Sam’s Club, Mr. Samuel Moore Walton, once said, ...

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Take The #SackYourLandLord Test


When it comes to finding the right apartment to reside in on lease or permanent basis, many of us misplace our priorities. And due to the excitement of finally getting a place after months of rigorous search especially in a densely populated place like Lagos, we fail to ask the right questions, now that’s just a part of it. There ...

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