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Staff members

Realty Point Rewards Oldest Staff Members With A Plot Of Land Each

Realty Point Rewards Oldest Staff Members With A Plot Of Land Each

Popular American author and businessman, Mr. Stephen Richards Covey, once said, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

Also, the late American businessman and entrepreneur best known for founding the retailers, Walmart and Sam’s Club, Mr. Samuel Moore Walton, once said, “Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.”

With these keywords in mind, Realty Point Limited, one of Nigeria’s top real estate development firm, on Monday, April 8, 2018, celebrated her 13th year anniversary by rewarding its oldest staff members with a plot of land each.

The Managing Director, Mr. Debo Adejana, who awarded the lands to them, commended the staff for their long service and unwavering loyalty to the company.

In his speech, He said “Realty point Limited strives to deliver their promises and keep their words”.

“The Story of RPL is what God can do”, He said.

The MD, Mr. Debo Adejana talked about the plans the company has for next year. He said the plans are to assist the populace with Cedar homes.

“We have a programme called PASWEB which help home-owners provide affordable housing”.

“We are also partnering with organisations to help with rent-2-own.”

The beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude. The show of brazen appreciation made the event a burst of emotions for them.

One of the recipients, Mrs. Florence Ashibuogwu in her words, said; “I was really amazed when I was told a plot of land had been awarded to me for serving for 10 years.

Staff members

Mr. Gbadebo Adejana with Madam Ashibuogwu Florence

I am very happy because it is not good for us to only preach the gospel of ‘Sacking Landlords’ and not doing what the gospel says. I thank God for RPL, especially for the management, because in RPL we say what do and we do what we say.

Even my family is happy because in a very short time we will have our own house. I am really delighted that I’ve been given this opportunity to finally sack my landlord.”

Another beneficiary, Mr. Modiu Ayinla clearly delighted also appreciated the generosity of the firm saying, “When the news got to me about the reward, I was really happy.

Staff members

Mr. Gbadebo Adejana and Mr. Modiu Ayinla

 I was so glad for it because when working in a real estate firm, and you don’t have a plot of land, of what use has your exposure been then.”

Mr. Modiu added, “Just like the company’s slogan says, #SackYourLandlord – If you don’t have a plot of land, how would you then sack your landlord?

I am really grateful to the management of Realty Point Limited for making this lifelong dream of owning a land and building a home a reality”

The third beneficiary, Engr. Steve was too overwhelmed with emotions that he could not express how happy he was.

It was indeed a moment of honour for the beneficiaries as all friends and colleagues across the management, senior, middle and junior levels felicitated with them on hearing such a joyful news.

On the significance of the award, a staff who chose to stay anonymous stated that such a wonderful gesture portrays Realty Point as a business with a soul, and a responsible institution that values the sacrifice of its employees.

“RPL is a business with a soul. We are building a purposeful brand here and it’s motivating to see that the company chose to honour those who have contributed to building the business brand”.

Another staff member commended the company as a place to grow. In her speech, she said, RPL is not a rigid institution; they help you resource your talent

Another high point of the day was the atmosphere of jollity including handshakes and a photo session with the beneficiaries, staff members and directors.

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