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The Akereles
Dinner date at Sheraton hotels

#RPLat13: Realty point limited hosts their loyal customers at Sheraton hotels

Part of the events lined up for Realty point Limited 13th year anniversary (#RPLat13) is to appreciate their loyal customers.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Akerele have been doing business with realty point limited for years without having the cause to visit their office for once.

One of our correspondents, Rianat, spoke with them and here is what they have to say about the company.

NREH: How has doing business with Realty Point Limited been so far?

Mr. Akerele: So far, I’ve not had any cause to visit their office. It’s been more of dealing with one of their marketers. They have been able to sell value and trust to us, that’s why we have not had the cause to find their office.

NREH: How did you hear about Realty Point Limited?

Mr. Akerele: Their marketing officer came through a referral to my office. Someone from my office was already a subscriber so we decided to invest from there.

NREH: Why did you feel so relax about doing business with someone you’ve not seen before?

Mr. Akerele: “I noticed their brand is about sacking landlords. Most times when I check online to see their MD’s records about the things he has done and what he is presently doing knowing fully well that the market is a very small market; so far, I haven’t found anything scandalous about the company”.

“We started with just a Plot of land which was still a small amount then and there was no issue. Another opportunity came up and we decided to give it a shot. It was a good deal so we took it. We believe there is still going to be a better deal in the nearest future”.

NREH: To trust someone it shows you are also trust-worthy. Thank you for trusting Realty point Limited sir.
Mr. Akerele: Well, I believe in dealing with others the way I want others to deal with me. That is one of my philosophies of life.

NREH: How far have you gone with your current investment with them?

Mr. Akerele: We are presently waiting for allocation. The payment was spread for a period of two years and we just completed the payment. Once the allocation is done, we would decide if we want to take possession at building or if they (Realty point) want to do more infrastructures before we can come in, then its fine with us.

NREH: Are their services commendable enough for you to recommend someone to them?

Mr. Akerele: We are already recommending because we follow social media too and so far, we have not heard any bad news, because bad news is not good for property business.

NREH: A word of advice to their customers out there

Mr. Akerele: I would advise that if you really want to sack your landlord on time, you should start early. With Realty point, we find them to be trustworthy and they have a platform that allows you to grow. As long as they still allow payments in installments, doing business with them is safe.

With what you have read from a customer, won’t you rather do business with them? Make that call now.

You can contact them on 08093930651 or send an email to media@realtypointltd.com
Watch the full video of this interview on their youtube channel at Realty point Limited

Nigeria Real Estate Hub wishes them a happy 13th year anniversary.


#RPLat13 (#RPLat13)

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