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Estate Developers halting construction activities as 2019 Elections draws near

Nigeria Real Estate Market

According to an online report, real estate developers in Nigeria have begun halting construction activities as anxiety and uncertainly about the coming 2019 general elections  continues to build. Although, the Nigerian real estate market has been less influenced by political-spending but more by the general economic standing of the country and people, the recent incident where an incumbent governor was ...

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AfDB projects $3tr for Nigeria’s infrastructure financing by 2044


The African Development Bank (AfDB) on Tuesday pledged to work with multilateral institutions and private sector operators to assist Nigeria bridge the infrastructure gap in the country. Nigeria’s cumulative infrastructure financing estimated at about $100 billion annually are projected to reach $3 trillion by 2044. The Senior Director, AfDB Nigeria, Ebrima Faal, said during the Africa Investment Forum (AIF) Roadshow ...

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Investment Co-op, BERSAMA Calls for Partnership With Real Estate Entrepreneurs Across Nigeria

Bersama Cooperative Calls For Partnership

BERSAMA, an emerging investment co-op in Nigeria is calling for Partnership with Real Estate Entrepreneurs across Nigeria. The BERSAMA Multipurpose Cooperative Society is recruiting partner organizations and enterprises to work together in a bid to expand to more states in Nigeria. We seek leaders who can champion the BERSAMA movement across 16 cities of the Nigerian federation. Are you self ...

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Developers lament over sourcing of funds for investment in real estate


Developers– The momentum for housing finance support by mortgage banks, particularly in Abuja, appears to be shifting early to medium income and luxury homes, with the completion and kick-starting of new projects in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Over the years, the government had been the major player in the area of housing delivery in Nigeria, by providing direct finance ...

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Expert urges youths to start building their own houses


Mrs. Ibukun Adebayo-Adedayo, a financial adviser, has urged the youths to embrace the mortgage policy to own their homes early in life instead of paying rents for the better part of their lives. She explained that money spent on rent payment could be better channeled in mortgage finance in order to own a home and live a stable and accomplished ...

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