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What will you do if your landlord slaps you in a heated argument?

Rent issues come with a lot of dramas attached to it. Landlord-tenant relationship can be quiet hilarious and full of unwarranted embarrassment at times.

Some of these landlords unapologetically put law into their hands. After all, it’s their house and this is Nigeria where anyone can do anything and get away with it.

What will happen if your landlord slaps you over an unpaid rent?

Will you endure because you owe him?

Let’s look at people’s reactions below

Osusu said “I will just owe him one year rent”.

Abraham Olamilekan replied Osusu that no one can try that with Ojota landlord, especially Oba Ogudu

Gbenga Majek said “He will receive three slaps”
What nonsense!

“Me that my Landlord and his lawyer hates my boldness. I will slap him till he forgets he owns the house”

Dejoke Iyanda Falilat said “We go die there ni”

Onyinyechi Udeolisa said “It’s either I get him arrested or if devil wins that day, I go slap am back”.

Adebukola Hadassah said “When he’s not mad. I will slap my own back immediately”

Tolulope Opeyemi Maha said “I’ll walk away. Devil is a liar.”

Umoh Victor Bycoded said “If the devil doesn’t whisper in my ears. I will walk away.”

Salau Kehinde Iyiola said “I will work away. It has happened to me before I just walked away”

Taiwo Grace Olorunda said “Slap ke!!!”

“I will smile, thank him and leave his presence, na him go come beg me las las”

NREH: Why will he beg you?

Taiwo Grace Olorunda said “Hmmmm.

Because of my reaction ni. I will be nicer and pretend as if it was nothing. He will be afraid”

Abiodun Iromini said “Slap him/her back in the same heated argument”

Omo Iya Ibeji said Hmmmmmm.

“I will just leave her presence noni. There’s nothing I can do.”

“That’s just me. I can be very mumu like that. Me I don’t have strength for extra argument ooo”

Gabriel Tolulope Sui-Generis said “If it were to be my former landlord, I go beat am. But I am not sure if I have a landlord now o”

Baba Shindara said Ha!!!
I will leave the scene immediately, come back at night, enter his apartment, slap him, slap his wife, slap his children, slap other tenants, Enter street, Enter house one after the other, slap everybody till daybreak. Nonsense!


Mofiyinfoluwa Mofogofoluwa said “Slap me ke!!!

“God punish devil. Mofi Olorunseri, ko ni believe what I would do to him/her”

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said “My landlord is over 70 years, I can’t slap him.”
“So, first I prevent such from happening. If it happens, he’s going to pay for it o, one way or the other”.
Opeoluwa Habikeade Babatunde said “I won’t slap him back oooo but heaven is my witness, panti go do promo that day”.

Omowunmi Lancelot Ebegbulem who identifies as a soldier’s wife said “I go go carry military police”

Olamiposi Omoyele Oluwa said “My landlord abi lady is my mommy. What will I do?”

Oluyemi Ogunseyin said “Na d last rent wey hin go collect from me be that ke. 2 ti ge 4 niyen”

Tayo Toba said I will give him a good Back Hand.

Damilola Fayoyiwa said I’ll leave his presence

Olanrewaju Kusimo Akanbi said You shouldn’t have let the argument got to that stage of him slapping you.

Lexy Oluwafisayomi Oshiga said I’ll return the favour.

Oluwatoba Youngest Delighted Taiwo said I will apologise to him and thank him.

Ciana Joy said I can’t slap him back since it’s not good to disrespect elders but he just deducted 6 months from my next rent. I cannot collect that slap for free…lailai.

If you were to be in this position, what will you do?

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