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Would you rather live alone or get a roommate?
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Would you rather live alone or get a roommate?

After a thorough house hunt, what’s next is deciding whether you want to live alone or get a roommate. In some cases, this is already decided even before renting an apartment.
This week, we conducted a vox pop on Facebook– would you rather live alone or get a roommate? It was not surprising that many people chose to rather live alone. We also found out that many of the people who had ever gotten a room mate for themselves had negative experiences with them.
Below are some of the notable, hilarious and insightful comments :
Apeh Mercy – Alone baby… No energy for roommate issh
Effecter Fasimoye Gbemiro Follu-Gee – Live alone… Roommate experience is terrible for me
Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola – Never had a room mate. Even at home, I have a room
Adebowale Popoola – Except my room mate is an opposite sex
Cencia Okwara – Alone mbok…. Even my siblings knows am a lone ranger??. Can’t fit shout!
Ade Nike – I’m presently living alone after sharing a flat with different types of people (guys, ladies). Most of them, a baggage of stress. And headache.
Linda Walter Andem – My own left the room I gave her rent free and was using mine to entertain men when I travel….as I don’t know how to lock doors….hmm
Chibunkem Mercy Nwakanma –  Loner mbok ??
Mary Etakoh – Hmmm.. Everyone’s saying live alone.. I live alone tho, but I’ve had roommates bf, a lot at that.. for me, it was a wonderful experience, one I can never forget. Cos I know how much it has helped me in relating with diff people today..Somehow it’s very necessary, cos we all need to learn how to tolerate one another, if we can, I swear, this world would be a better place.. My opinion!
Linda Walter Andem – I can tolerate different people but when the privileges are abused……I cannot fit shout like my sis will say
Alexandra Morgans – Live alone after school but roommate all through school
Olubunmi Firstmahn – No wonder….. “live alone die alone” … our society/nature is so me me me me and for myself alone…. me sef na alone sweet pass sha! … nothing can be compared to having your own privacy mehn…. although “roommating” has it’s own advantages too ooo…. financial, relationship n co.
Chidimma Nene Kayla Ezenduka-Ezike – I love company so I would get a roomie plus it’s cheaper. I roomed with my cousin before I got married.
Sholakunmi Floki-Blaze Banire – Live alone trumps a room mate oo… Aswear, you’d regret it in the long run. Most of ’em are ungrateful SOB’s!
Blessing McColumbus – I answered SOLO, throuout my schooling.
Ademola Blessing – Roommate oh…I don’t like staying alone…Even Eating Alone
Abu Salamat – yeah…eatin togeda can be fun but thats reserved for a few special friends. no wonder i miss them silly…lolz
Ibrahim Abubakar Tanimu – I prefer to live alone, in a room. But for a house I can share.
Abu Salamat – this has been an interesting post for me. I found myself reading through all the comments and even leaving some of mine.

Chidimma Chukukere – I had roommates all through my University days. Half were terrible, while the other half are friends.


Allison Ngee – Live alone… I love ma space
Bamidele Abodunrin – Each has its advantage & disadvantage but I wouldn’t mind a room mate, we might not always see eye to eye on everything but a room mate will be fine.
So’mma Goldie – Can’t sleep alone. Roommate please.. ?
Mobolaji Jonathan – Its good to have neighbors but roommate is out of it except if u understand each other 101%
Makinde Mary – Alone o…. Love privacy a lot
Bakare Omolabake – Get a flat mate not a room mate
Emeka Aroh Emyjoe – Two is better than one, gat to get a roomie
Magdalene Nganga Joseph Live alone, but have crazy fun neighbors.
Burning ßush – I’d rather live alone if it’s a one-bedroom flat. Make it bigger and I’d require a female roomie who’s got ‘stuff’. Anyone with me on that?
Adedeji DamilareLive with an understanding person
Bunmi Ishola – live alone oh, I can’t shout. Roommate don show me oba
Ayodele Olatunji – I support u jare.I prefer living alone.Wat do u need a room mate’s company for.If u need company,get married.
Would you live alone or get a roommate? Let us hear your views.

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