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Who do you think should do house repairs: landlord or tenant?

A lot of questions have been raised in time past as regards house repairs. In fact, this has generated a lot of argument. Both tenants and landlords constantly feel cheated because either feel they are being forced to pay for house repairs supposed to be handled by the other.

We asked people on Facebook to air their opinions on who they think should do house repairs: landlord or tenant. 
We got a number of responses worth noting. Find them below:
Esther Oluwafunto Thompson-onifade– Both landlord and tenants.
Vasily Mikhailovich Doestovski – Before renting or buying- landlord.After- tenant and the landlord

Chiwueze Ahanotu Landlord of course except damages intentionally done by tenant.

Wandy Aondoana Depends on the agreement.It also depends on when the repairs are needed.were they needed before the commencement of the tenancy or in the course of the tenant occupying the residence?If before the commencement of tenancy,the landlord is responsible for the repairs except expressly agreed by the parties that the tenant will bear the cost.If in the course of the tenancy then the tenant is responsible for the repairs because that is not the manner he or she met the house.Besides its for the comfort of the tenant.However major changes ought not to be made without the consent of the landlord.Summarily however, it depends on the agreement of the parties involved.

Akinnuoye Temitope It all depend on what needs repair in the house, the landlord should take care of major demage outside why tenant take care of inside.

Katchy Ohiaeri It depends on the nature of house repairs. Common plumbing issues, door knobs , tiles, Windows which spoilt due to handling should be handled by the tenant but more complex issues that border around building or serious plumbing issues or serious roofing issues should be handled by the landlord. Alternatively the tenant can handle the big issues and request for it to be deducted from his rent

Henry Dubem Chuks But some landlord are greedy all they want is money the rest is none of their business

Olubukola Ozone –If you paid for damages at the time of renting, it should be your Landlord. If not, then otherwise.

Olubunmi Firstmahn –Ideally, repairs that has to do with house fittings; doors, Windows, restrooms features, kitchen fittings and the likes should be done by the tenants (users) while structural repairs, exterior, sub-structures, septic tanks/soakaway, exterior plumbing works, roof, exterior wall screed and paintings should be handled by the landlord. Nevertheless, the landlord – tenant agreement – contract should naturally/expressly stipulates who is going liable for repair works and states implied conditions which may be infarred on any of the parties but, unfortunately most tenancy agreement do not, some don’t even make any agreement at all and if they do, it’s just mere formalities.
Omoze Edadagbon – Depends on which needs to be repaired! Tenant or landlord can

Alison Ibraheem – Depends on the magnitude.
Enny Cole – Before a tenant moves in, especially if another tenant just moved out

As a landlord, you have to make sure the place is comfortable for the new tenant.

I know sometimes Naija miss out on this and the tenant moves in and starts fixing some stuffs.


Here it is different.
Infact if anything gets spoilt in the house, you call the landlord’s maintenance ASAP and report it.

They come and fix it.

As a landlord, it’s your house. It is not free. So do right by making it comfortable for people to live in.

They are paying for it.

The tenant has no business fixing any damn thing.

Onwukwe Blessing Chinemerem – Inside, you.. Outside, landlord

Kandi Brown– It depends on the repairs. Every apartment I’ve lived in if I had issues such as plumbing, electrical, the heat or ac stopped working, something wrong with appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine etc, the landlord fixed.
Nwanyi Gbuo Efi – Depends on what needs to be repaired. External structures, landlord. Internal, tenant.

Omuije Perfect – Landlord

Margret Ugege- Olumese–  Depends on what need to be repaired

Blessing Augustine – Depends on what’s stipulated in the tenancy agreement….however in substantial repairs like roof , gate, foundation etc it should be the landlord but in lesser repairs like door, key, hinge it should be the tenant.
However this is still subject to the tenancy agreement

Ojay Odutcha – Before you move into a house it’s the Landlord’s responsibility to ensure the house is fit to live in but whist you occupy the property it’s the tenants responsibility to bear repair and maintenance cost.

Seun Joseph Aderotimi – There are some repairs you shouldn’t wait for your landlord to come do. Just do it

Chimaraoke Okoro – Depending on your rental agreement. Technically, the landlord should repair wear and tear in his house eg Leaking taps, lights, paints etc

But if tenants do deliberate damage then they should pay for the repairs.

When I was renting, the backyard landscaping became so bad I contacted the rental agency and requested the landlord to fix it he refused but he permitted me to do it with my money afterall I lived there. Well I did.

Now, I own mine. I am not sure I would want my tenants to do my job, they may not get my taste and besides it seems a bit unfair to them.
Some tenants can be a pain in the backside though.

Oluwatomisin Adewale–  Landlord except the damages is done by the tenant.

Michael Suru – Minor repairs inside the house.Yes the tenant eg leaking faucets or toilet issues.

Ade Nike –I just moved into a new apartment on Saturday. I was told there’s water. And truly,there is…water board and borehole. But no tank. The landlady didn’t erect a scaffold or buy tank. She didn’t even run the borehole to any tenant. Lovely fine house o. The pressure of the water cannot get up. The guys downstairs do not really mind. Because water still flows into their apartments.

But me,nothing. I deviced a palliative measure,bypassed the pass and took the water up,of course with her permission. Spent about 10k. She broke it the following day. I fixed it again. She said I must disconnect it. No p. I will only if and when you build a scaffold and make arrangements for tank…I called the lawyer,they had a meeting. And gave me their word(I recorded the convo) that it wld be fixed before May ends. If not,I get a full refund and all I have spent upgrading the apartment. My neighbour said we shld just contribute and foot,but hell no! After paying through my nose for rent,i’d now do her work for her?? Ko jor.
The water rushes downstairs,so I go down to fetch. But I can’t sustain going to fetch water everyday. Nah.

So, what’s your take? Landlord or tenant or both (depending on the situation) like most people have suggested.

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