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Would you buy a house or build from scratch?

Last week, we conducted a vox pop on Facebook to gather people’s opinions about whether they would like to buy a house or build from scratch? We got very many reactions. It was not surprising to learn that majority of the people who expressed their opinions would rather build their houses from scratch than buy the house.

Many people would rather buy a land because they would like to experience the house building process. A lot more other people don’t trust construction companies to give quality service especially because of the rampant building collapses. Below is a compilation of some of their responses: 

Tayo Akanmode – “I always thought I’d buy a house and avoid the drama of dealing with contractors etc. But seeing how even reputable companies use substandard products sometimes and leave you to deal with the issues later, might as well build from scratch. It’s a lot of trouble but I guess it saves you the wahala later.”

Nwanyi Gbuo Efi – “I will like to build from the scratch, I love watching the building transform, and I want a walk-in closet, which most developers don’t make provision for.”

Olanrewaju Kusimo Akanbi “Building from the scratch is the best so you can always vouch for it any day, any time.”

Rianat Opeyemi Rain “I prefer to buy. I don’t like omo onile wahala and all those yeye stress.”

Peter Agweye “I like watching everything right from the foundation to the roofing.In fact watch them mould the blocks i will water them myself.Hand mould blocks are stronger compare engine mould.”

Biola Olushola “Build for myself o. I need a library, walk-in closet and a shower stall in the backyard. Nah my house nah.”

Ibrahim Abubakar Tanimu “I will prefer to build from scratch. One, because I may not have the financial strength to afford d house at a go. Two, the already built house may not be up to my taste. Three, I will build it to the quality I will have rest of mind.”

Jamiu Tajudeen “Both are appealing dear. Buying a ready-made is okay but the experience has always been “doing” it from the scratch. There is a feeling in it that’s indescribable. U will “tell them what you want and how you want it

Enny Cole “Building from scratch is an herculean task.

Talking from experience. I watched my late granny build hers from scratch and lived right inside as it was being built day in day out.

But well, different strokes, different folks.

I would rather buy one from a reliable source or incase of a completely different structural style, build from scratch with as little hassle as possible. Maybe give a reliable contractor. ( which are hard to find these days) My grany’s ate all the money in her absence and she had to come all the way from her rented apartment and watch it being built.

Burning ßush I go buy jare. Wanna get a house on mortgage and pay till I’m thru. No need to undergo building wahala. I like ready-made.”

Over to you, would you build your house from scratch or buy a house?

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