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#ShelterMatters – Who makes the most noise in your neighborhood?

Noise pollution is a harmful or annoying level of noise, as from airplanes, industry, etc. Dwelling on noise pollution as it concerns our residential surrounding, one would hope to stay away from all form of disturbance at the sight of one’s shelter but that isn’t the case. The lack of proper town planning creates room for and opens individuals to ...

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#ShelterMatters – What’s your definition of a GHETTO?

According to wiki, “A ghetto is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure. The term was originally used in Venice to describe the part of the city to which Jews were restricted and segregated.” That definition does little or no justice to what the word ghetto ...

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#ShelterMatters: Who would you blame for building a house like this?


The need for proper housing cannot be overemphasized. The focus today is the word ‘proper’ Many find themselves living in pathetic buildings and in environments that are hazardous to health just because they need a roof over their heads. Sometimes I wonder if the owners of such buildings are to blame for putting out such structures for rent or the ...

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Do you have a right to pluck from a tree planted by your landlord?

I asked a colleague in the office how he fairs with his landlord (awkward question you will say…LOL) and the response to that question, which came in form of a story, erupted both deductive and inductive argument. The gist goes thus: “My colleague resides in a twin duplex apartment whereby his landlord occupies one and him the other. The twin ...

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Who is to blame for this real estate scam?

real estate scam

Welcome to another edition of #ShelterMatters. We got a letter last week from a reader and we decided to share with you. Please read and give your candid opinion in the comment section below: My name is Akintunde Adejobi. After my secondary school education, I got the opportunity to travel to the United States of America to further my education ...

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#ShelterMatters: Why do landlords have ethnicity issues?

In Nigeria, having enough money to pay for the type of apartment you wish to rent for a period of time isn’t enough to secure you a decent rented apartment. So many other factors are considered such as age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, status, and so on. Today on #shelterMatters, we’d be dwelling on ethnicity. Speaking writing from a personal experience, ...

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