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What is the main difference between a house and a home?

main difference between a house and a home

Is there really a main difference between a house and a home? Going by the dictionary definition, a house is simply defined as a building for human habitation especially one that consists of a ground floor and one or more upper storeys while a home is a place where one lives permanently as a member of a family or household. ...

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What will you do if your landlord slaps you in a heated argument?


Rent issues come with a lot of dramas attached to it. Landlord-tenant relationship can be quiet hilarious and full of unwarranted embarrassment at times. Some of these landlords unapologetically put law into their hands. After all, it’s their house and this is Nigeria where anyone can do anything and get away with it. What will happen if your landlord slaps ...

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Can you allow your Mother-in-law pay your rent?


RENT ISSUES – We’ve heard different stories of Mothers-in-law who victimises their Daughters-in-law. We then decided to carry out this anecdotal survey to compare the relationship that exists between Sons-in-law and their Mothers-in-law to know if it’s the same. The reactions we got are not so cool Please read below Gbenga Adene said, “No If I can afford it”. “May ...

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What are the benefits of being the oldest Tenant in a house?


Have you ever wondered why someone would stay in a particular house for over ten years and more? Our correspondents have interviewed various clients in the past who shared their tenant-Landlord’s experiences with us. Some of them talked about finding it stressful to move from one location to another hence, they earned the chief tenant title. This could be their ...

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Can you propose with a house key?

House key

We have heard a lot of proposals gone wrong. Some say it’s because both parties do not understand their stand with each other while some feel it’s simply because they haven’t proposed properly. We then decided to throw this question of proposing with a house key the air. Proposing with a house key is not new but we have never ...

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Would you rather live in Lagos or Abuja?

Would you rather live in Lagos or Abuja?

There has always been controversy between Lagos and Abuja residents over which city is the most conducive to reside. Those who live in both cities never cease to share their varied opinions about this. Abuja residents always claim to be more classy and calmer than Lagosians while Lagosians on the other hand claim to be the heart of the nation. ...

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Where is the best resort center you ever visited located?

resort center

Creating a balance between work time and relaxation time sometimes seem quiet tedious; most especially for the workaholics amongst us. That’s why visiting a resort center once in a while helps us to unwind and relax. Vacationing on a regular basis will do amazing things for your health and your mind. However, we know that everyday life can get in ...

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