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What will you do if your Landlord serves you a notice to quit today?

Landlords in Nigeria believe they are the lord and saviour of their tenants so they do whatever they want and whenever they want it. We have heard the case of a Landlord that removed his tenant’s roof, threw out his properties before he came back from work.

This question was birthed as a result of the different crazy scenarios we have seen on social media. So over to you readers, If you are served a notice to quit today, what will you do?

But before then, you can read the reactions we got from our social media handles below

Osideko Jadesola said Your type of tenancy will determine how many months quit notice you are to be given. It is not an automatic something

Disu Hakeem Adegboyega said You pack out noni

Chibueze Mitchell Odimegwu said I’ll tell him I ain’t going nowhere until he gives me the right thing, which is Notice to Quit.

Omo Iya Ibeji said I won’t be bothered because I’m already packing out of the house sef.

Chukwuebuka Nnaemeka Chukwuemeka said Quit notice today? Then it’s no longer a quit notice but an enforced quit letter. Quit notice has to do with advance notification.

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi said I’ll beg him to give me some time to get another house. If he refuses my pleas, we settle it in court!

Da Psalmist Prince said Will go & buy land & build within 48 hours

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said Firstly, he’s got no right to give me notice to quit until my rent expires.

Secondly, he must give me 3 months to quit, it’s statutory. So within that 3 months, I’ll go look for another place.

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said Even if you don’t get a suitable place within the 3 months, he is to allow you for another 3 months

Omo Iya Ibeji said Na the landlord dey short because you go stay for free house for 6 months or more sef if care is not taken.

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said Under the law, I think you’re given notice of half your payment plan. E.g, if you pay yearly, you’re given 6 months. If you pay every 6 months, you’re given 3 months.

And guys, you also pay for those months you’re served notice to quit o just that, in a lawless situation/place, the law keepers are actually the lawbreakers. So you no suppose pay, we’re all lawless

Seni Savage said Contact a legal practitioner

Ayodele Akomolede said Haaa, not this time o, make he give me some time because I never get where to go

Ajibola Akintunde said Quit notice must be for 6months if you’re not owing and 7days if owing. However, it takes only the Magistrate Court that can send you packing. No one has the right to, not even the landlord.

Gabriel Jude Enoch said Find one place under Bridge and pack your load there

Sumbo Okuboyejo said “then I quit him”

Osideko Jadesola Your type of tenancy will determine how many months quit notice you are to be given. It is not an automatic something.

Mo Darasayo Alátasúé said Meanwhile, it’s kwik notice in Ibadan. Tenkyur

Aganga-williams Oluwafemi Mc Zeezou Uhmmmm! Quit notice dey reach about 3months na. If it’s so then I’ld start preparing agreement and commission to add to the money I already prepared for rent

Sewoniku Adeleke Moyosoreoluwa Will wake up from my dream

This survey shows Nigerians now know their rights. We just hope the so-called landlords stop being lawless and start doing the right thing.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I read some of the comments from people here and was laughing. Firstly, once you are served a notice to quit, the length of your notice is determined by your tenancy agreement signed by parties. When the agreement signed by the Landlord and Tenant is silent on the duration of the Notice, then under the Law generally a yearly tenant is entitled to a 6 month’s notice to quit and a 6 month tenant is entitled to a 3 month’s notice to quit, while a monthly tenant is entitled to 1 month notice to quit and a licensed tenant is entitled to just 1 week notice to quit as well as deliver possession respectively.

    This period of time during the life span of the said notice, doesn’t mean that a tenant should not pay rent for that period of time since the tenant is still in possession until the day the keys are surrendered.

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