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Can you allow your Mother-in-law pay your rent?

RENT ISSUES – We’ve heard different stories of Mothers-in-law who victimises their Daughters-in-law. We then decided to carry out this anecdotal survey to compare the relationship that exists between Sons-in-law and their Mothers-in-law to know if it’s the same.

The reactions we got are not so cool

Please read below

Gbenga Adene said, “No If I can afford it”.

“May we not find ourselves in a difficult situation in Life. Amen.

“If the worst happens and she’s willing, YES.”

“My Mother-in-law is also my Mother. May we marry right, Amen”

ID Bryan said Yes. If she insists

Oladokun Jamiu Olatunbosun said “For me, it’s a no”

Oladokun Jamiu Olatunbosun said I don’t pray for any challenge/problem that’ll make me ask for assistance from my Mother-in-law to pay my rent. If the problem is so much that I don’t have any other option, I would rather seek help from my father-in-law than my Mother-in-law because men are more mature when it comes to issues like this especially if anything issue arises in the future

Sumbo Okuboyejo said If I am in a financial mess, I can allow her to borrow me with a firm agreement that I return it as soon as possible.

Thank you

Da Psalmist Prince said May God not put us in a tight situation

Marcus Femi Olowojoba said  If the situation is tight, all the people that are saying No here would allow her to pay for it

Aganga-Williams Oluwafemi Mc Zeezou said  If the situation warrants it, there is no point being strong headed. We just hope they won’t drag you for it when things go sour.

Chima Uche said Yeah if she has the power to do it, she’s welcome.

Nwabueze Christopher said What?

“Wait Let me ask my granny”

Sofowora ‘Bamty’ Olusegun said It’s far better for my mother in law to pay my house rent than for me and my wife to move back with to her parent’s house years after your marriage due to financial constraint.

GT Festus said This sounds like telling your in-law ‘Please help me, I don’t have dick to nack my wife’

May we never find ourselves in this situation…oun itiju ni (It’s an eyesore)

Gabriel Tolulope Sui-Generis said Ehn? Iro o! (Ehn, never)

“I no want that kain thing. Besides, if at all it would happen, I must have exhausted every other means.”

Olawepo Oyekunle Omoniyi said Yes.

If the Mother-in-law is Dangote’s wife.

Ayodele Akomolede said Mba. I will rather seek help somewhere else.

Kingsley Uchenna said No because it is my responsibility

Musa Adedamola said Nobody will ever pray for that.

Olumide GlowVille said May God never put us in this condition. Although it is not the end of life but it’s always better if you are the one paying her rent

Sofowora ‘Bamty’ Olusegun said There are some super-rich Mothers-in-law that will necessitate you to move into one of her duplex/flat before you are allowed to marry to their daughter. Most of you guys saying NO would rise on such opportunity.

Tayo Fasuan said “I would have answered this and do some explanations alongside but mehn! My in-laws are from Edo State; I pick my battles carefully. Hehehehehehehehe!!!”

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said My mother-in-law does not pay my rent but she helps us a lot. I remember when she visited, it was huge. She was the one that cooked the food items she brought.

I used to believe I can’t do this and that or take this and that from in-laws but I’ve discovered it’s pure immaturity from men.

I’m not a nuisance and I’m not lazy. I’m HARDWORKING, I mean HARDWORKING. If I  need help, get me huge capital for work, with God’s help, I can’t imagine what I can achieve. If this capital is coming from my mother-in-law, I will prostrate and say THANK YOU ma after collecting it and pray to God to bless her.

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said  I’ll shower episcopal blessings on her for her kind gestures. At least, I didn’t beg for it!

As a pastor, it’s a blessing for me

Mordecai Ebenezer Mac said If she has the money, and I don’t, why not?

With these reactions, you will agree with me that Sons-in-law also draw their boundaries when it comes to their in-laws.

Boundaries are very essential in every relationship and it varies with every individual. Albeit, what works for you might not work for another. Therefore, it is essential to know when to draw the line.

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