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Why do some Lagos Landlords avoid renting their houses to Igbo tenants?

This topic: Why do some Lagos Landlords avoid renting their houses to Igbo tenants? created a buzz on social media most especially among the Yorubas and Igbo folks. The Yorubas seem to have a history of bad experience(s) from renting their houses to the Igbo folks while the Igbos, on the other hand, feel maltreated by this generalization.

How did they come to this conclusion?

Where did it originate from?

Are they truly baseless generalization by Lagos landlords?

Read below, the opinions of the few persons we were able to speak with

Ayodele Akomolede said Igbo tenants are so stubborn and adamant. If you are lucky to receive the first payment of your rent, the remaining years will be in dragged to court or you forget about it.

Oluwafemi Ayo added “Igbos dragging you to court is better. Pray they don’t try to reconstruct your 2rooms to 3bedrooms and a parlour. They have the habit of parking their whole community inside one room”.

Bäbälölä Oläniyi said some Igbo folks in my place of work have paid their rent in advance till 2025. They are opportunist; sorry to say that. They know you will always need money and it’s an advantage for them to avoid unnecessary increment.

Kolade Akintayo said “I have done some research about this and noted housing is still in shortage to a myriad of reasons we still do not understand. On one part is the provision of housing by increasing the number of units, on the other side is the understanding of the components that must go into housing which is more complex and dynamic. Landlords that discriminate along ethnic, religion or even race to mention a few are not just doing so. They only do so because there’s no law regulating the housing market and such discrimination is part of what is jointly responsible for the shortage of housing in Nigeria. In fact, the government ought to have considered “fair housing laws” over the tenancy law enacted in 2014.
I have said it over and over again, the government isn’t ready to tackle housing the way it should yet. Tenants will remain at the mercy of landlords for a long time’’

Dolz said a landlord once informed me that the previous tenant (Igbo) took him to court and stayed rent-free for six years. This happened after issuing a six month quit notice to the said tenant in order to carry out renovation work on his house. The man has since vowed not to let his properties to any Igbo, and I can’t say I blame him. There are many stories like his.

Osarieme said these landlords are just selfish and self-centered. They just want to create enmity where there is none. I wonder what the Igbo folks have done to them to warrant such hatred from time immemorial.

From this survey, we can deduce that these landlords have their personal reason(s) for refusing to rent their houses to the Igbo folks. But, for a fact,

that there is an issue of generalisation here and it cannot also be discountenanced. Some Igbos are actually living peacefully in apartments owned by the Yoruba folks
It all boils down to individuality. How you treat your neighbour either of the same tribe or different ethnic group says a lot about your personality

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