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What are the benefits of being the oldest Tenant in a house?

Have you ever wondered why someone would stay in a particular house for over ten years and more?

Our correspondents have interviewed various clients in the past who shared their tenant-Landlord’s experiences with us. Some of them talked about finding it stressful to move from one location to another hence, they earned the chief tenant title. This could be their reason.

Instead of concluding, we decided to take the question to the street of Lagos. There could be benefits inherent in this title that we don’t know about.

Care to find out?

Please read the reactions below and educate yourself

Arobo said He/she would have discount on monies collected with other benefits which include keeping the balance without anyone noticing.

He also said they have a common habit of gossiping about other tenants to the landlord. “Aswear one guy dealt with me through this”. He even told the landlord and the son that I am A Cultist. Obara Geezus!!!

“I pack leave him papa compound fast”

Chibueze said you have a higher chance of being appointed the caretaker of the compound.
Kosi asked Chibueze if there was a salary involved. Your guess is right as mine. The answer was a capital NO

DoliSuave said you will automatically become the assistant landlord by default.

Ganiu Oyewole said the person will be given a title of Chief tenant.
This man must be talking from experience. Lol

Gbenga Majek said did I hear you say benefits?

Some na insult self go end am ooo. Except you pay your bills regularly!
Moreover, one should think of having his own property instead of “benefits” from someone else’s house

Adeshina Emmanuel said they know the date of birth of every child in the compound

Sekoni Toyeeb said they entrust bills like Nepa, Lawma, Security and the rest into your hands and of course, you can borrow it.

Seun Joseph Aderotimi said if the house is put up for sale, they would contact you first.

Omooba Awodiya Rebecca said you get to hear interesting gist about perverts who have been sleeping around with females in the compound; landlord’s daughter inclusive

Ben Odoh said It would come to a point whereby both landlord and tenant will start relating like father and child. You will always be given preferential treatment concerning late payment of bills

Adetunji Amoo said something similar to Ben Odoh’s comment. He said He/She will become the CNN of the house and also be given more time to come up with payment.

Ajenifuja and Oluwanifise also said you are only entitled to become the chief tenant of the house.

Olusola O’sola Fapohunda also said you will help to collect bills and also become the historian of the house.

Steven Segun Makanjuola said you will become the assistant Landlord with no house key of your own; just the Head Tenant title with nothing to show for it.

Lastly, Sumbo said you will be the caretaker.

From the reactions we got so far, no one said they have heard or seen a glorified tenant inheriting the Landlord’s house before. Why then do people help others to build their dreams while they abandon theirs?
Some of these people build their families, grow old and die in the same compound with nothing to show for it yet we have people who are taking the opportunities of the rent-2-own initiative to have their own property.

In as much as we have a high percentage of Housing Deficit in Nigeria, if we don’t do anything as an individual to grab the opportunities around us, then we will just keep dancing in circles

To learn more about the rent-own initiative, contact Realty point limited via their Facebook page by sending them an inbox message


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