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leaking roof

Whose responsibility is it to fix your leaking roof?

We’ve heard so many tales of landlords and their shenanigans. Someone once opined that the reason landlords behave the way they do is that LORD in their name while they treat their tenants like the ANT in their name.
So back to our question, whose responsibility is it to fix your leaking roof?

This question should have been a very straight forward one with a very clear answer which is the landlord but reverse is the case in some houses. These set of landlords expect you to do everything in their house while they sit back and collect the rent.

Here are the reactions we got from our social media handles

Todowede Oluwaseun said it’s the Landlord’s responsibility

Gbadamosi Adeola George said Landlord of course

Peter Ayodele Adesanya said landlord.

Marcus Femi Olowojoba said landlord

Ogunfeyimi Sunday said landlord

NREH: What if your landlord travels or is being nonchalant about it?

Todowede Oluwaseun replied and said you have to fix it but with agreement to deduct the cost of repair from your next rent payment
NREH: Thank you

Da Psalmist Prince said Landlord but dem don turn to semi-god

Olupinla Modupeola said you!

Ayodele Akomolede said I fix most of the things in my room even in our compound if I could. I can’t be waiting for landlord because he is not even in Nigeria

Burning ßush said It’s the landlord’s responsibility to fix it but if he refuses, I will deduct it from my next rent

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said that’s why you should be your own landlord. ????
It should be the responsibility of the landlord. But sometimes you can both fix the leaking roof.

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Tolu Lope said this should be landlord.

It’s obvious majority know this is the responsibility of the landlord but sometimes these landlords can be funny. Just like Oluwapelumu Awotedu said, it is better to have your own house and be your own landlord

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