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What will you do if you find out your maid is your husband’s biological child?

This question looks like a Nollywood script but it happens in real life. It is common amongst families who are belligerently against marrying single parents so people who end up with them go as far as lying about their biological child.

Please read the reactions we got from our social media handles below

Olanrewaju Babatunde Godwin said “I will run mad”

Andrea Awero Maha said “The only reason I’ll get angry is because he is just heartless, like who makes his biological child a maid?”
I’ll send louts to beat him up. He needs to feel the pain the child is going through but I’ll definitely accept the child and forgive him for not telling me.
Ps: I am not the type of woman that is against single dads so I don’t think my husband would ever hide such from me.

Raji Omolola Kehinde said Hmmm. This is deep o but I am going to need a lot of explanation.
Was she born before we met and got married?
Why did you hide it from me?
What exactly was he trying to achieve?
These are the questions he has to answer and I am going to be very furious with him about treating him as a maid.
A maid of all options?
His biological child?
His reply will determine what will happen next but I am accepting the child.

Fashola Olanike said I will laugh out loud for a long time (which I’m sure might be due to temporary insanity)
I might not really cry but I will need answers. I need to know why he didn’t say anything. This is not about the “for better for worse” in our marital vows. I will surely need space to think and decide on what next to do. I’m not saying I will leave him oo but I will surely need some alone time

Oluwabusayomi Ifeoluwa Ruth said I’ve seen a movie like this before. The woman’s child was just too heartless to the maid. All the same, the maid was the hero

Da Psalmist Prince said you won’t be able to do anything. You just have to let it go

Ayodele Akomolede said I will punish her for using the child as a housemaid

Liasu Oluwabukunmi said I will accept the child as mine because even as a maid I’m sure I’m going to treat her as my own so there won’t really be a difference but as for Mr husband? Chai, I don’t think I’ll be able to trust him again because if he can hide such a thing from me then he’s capable of any damn thing

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Damilola Fayoyiwa said lol. I will be soooooo mad at my husband for being so wicked to hide such information from me
For being mean to see his own child and using him as a maid! He is just heartless.
No reason would justify his action because I know if I was told, I would have forgiven him and maybe accept the child. I will end up hiring another maid, accept the child and forgive him!

What do you think about these reactions? Did they speak your mind or you think they haven’t done enough justice to the topic?
Why not share yours with us?

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