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most valued possession

What’s your most valued possession?

Most dictionaries define possession as a form of ownership. Most of the things that fall into that category are either bought or earned. And the term valuable is normally used with relation to monetary exchange or at least to convey great importance.

The reactions about most valued possession we got from our social media handles are quite different from what the dictionary meaning of valued possession is.

Please read below

Gabriel Olawale Oke said my rabbit farm

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said my laptop

Andrea Awero Maha said my international passport.

Baba Shindara said for now, my Laptop

Gbenga Adene said my brain and Human Capital

Taoheed Taskolad Adeyemi said my ability to think strategically

Odeyemi Alexandre Ibukun said my kidney

Akinyele Damilola Hawau said my children and my Muse

Oluwaseunfunmi Eyiowukawitoluwalase said my brain, my phone, my laptop, and my son

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Damilola Fayoyiwa said my tummy

Ayodele Akomolede said my car

Sodade Martins Oluwanisola said my Mind

Kay Ajani said my mom

Slaw G Olaide said my brain

Wale Toke said my Heart

Faith Abisola Oyindamola said my life

Onileowo Kikiowo Fish said my daughter, Ninioluwalere Eniayo.

Mofiyinfoluwa Mofogofoluwa said my body, my degree, and masters

Thelma Ifeoma Okonwa said my phone

Solomon Oluwabunmi Akinmoji said my brain and my mouth.

Saheed Rotimi said my mind.

Larry Olanrewaju Atobaje said my camera

Olajumoke Morenike Agbebi said @Kiddiewinkltd

Mary Love said my life

Damilare Oke said God, myself, Family and boo

Mo Romoke said my fridge

Da Psalmist Prince said my kids and my catering business.

Mo Dárasáyò GbenshMinister said my Children.
Psalm and Dawn

This article shows that we value things differently. What is valuable to you might not be valuable to someone else and the fact that they are valuable to you today does not mean they would be by tomorrow. The most important thing is to take care of the things you consider as your most valued possession.

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