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Describe your landlord’s daughter in one sentence

If you have never lived in a rented apartment owned by a man who has a beautiful daughter, you may not understand this write-up. The connection between landlord’s daughter and bachelors in the house can be compared to that of the seeker and a mother confessor. Their little shenanigans give their fathers a mini-heartbreak which makes some of them very harsh on the bachelors living in the house.

If you have never experienced this before, this is an opportunity for you. Read the reactions we got from our social media handles below

Sam Mark said she is a good girl Sha

NREH: That sha get comma

Sam Mark said you know what?
Let me hold it here just like that because my friend will come for me and beat the hell out of me.
Anyway, he is not on Facebook and secret must be kept. All I know is that, there was a day her sister joined the league and the rest is history

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said she cooks for me

NREH: Why is she cooking for you?

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said she doesn’t want stress for me!

NREH: So what happens after cooking?
Hope she washes the plates also because that can be quite stressful too?

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony said she even feeds me sef

NREH: You are hereby dismissed

Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony replied with “Thank you, mummy”

Princess Horpsy said I’m currently my landlord’s daughter presently

Chibueze Mitchell Odimegwu said they’re children.

Enoch Adeniyi Olajubu said among six children, five of them are girls. They are all nice, I mean very nice.

Tayo Toba said I live in my mom’s house now.

Ibukun Adekola said she is kind hearted. I’m my landlord’s daughter anyways.

Elizabeth S Olatunji said she stays on her lane, I stay on mine.

Olanshile Finesse Alade said customer dada ni.

Omosalewa Omiade Ajoke-oreke I am a good girl.

Olunuga Olubunmi I am sweet and mean.

Dozie Micheal Western Ugo said my landlord warn her make she no dey greet us again for compound o. After the last one carry belle.

NREH: Baddo

Dozie Micheal Western Ugo said What we do. She no need traffic for two hours to fall na. Everywhere in their father’s compound is slippery including the high rate wey the papa sef dey collect. No be my mouth you hear am o.

Akinbode Israel. Said he only has a son

Ayodele Akomolede said I don’t know either her or my landlady.

Tolu Lope said my landlady’s daughter no dey alright at all. O n gba Lori e but with all her craze, she has a kind heart.

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Israel Obinna Ugwu said I am a landlord.

Uchenna Chris said I don’t even know her but my landlady is good for now

Oluwafemi Ayo Adebayo said she is 5yrs old.

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said which of the daughters? The last one is omokomo

NREH: Tell us about that one

Oluwapelumi Awotedu said that’s what I’m saying, she’s omokomo. Even her father sef knows. She scales the fence, sleeps outside, opens gate to go out at night and exposes us whatever, takes people’s things and never return it. And I hear she gets charged well, I hear o.
NREH: Kai. Na real omokomo

Nwanyi Akara said she is just adorable. I’m referring to myself anyway. It’s my family house.

Mofiyinfoluwa Mofogofoluwa said I am very generous.

Omoshalewa Olayinka said she is married.

Interesting daughters right?

Kindly share your experience with your landlord’s daughter if you have any

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