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Port Harcourt

Which city is more expensive: Port Harcourt or Lagos?

Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria; flocking with various kinds of people from different works of life while Port Harcourt is the home of oil boys (guys working in oil companies).

Because of the status quo of the boys in Port Harcourt, people tend to rate the state of living in Port Harcourt higher than that of Lagos.

Are they be right? or wrong?

Let’s find out from the reviews we got from our social media handles.

James Adebayor Mc Jay Jay said Port Harcourt bawo. Just the main City in PH is expensive but everywhere in Lagos is expensive. Ranging from Transport-Housing -foodstuff etc.

Lagos was even named the Most Expensive City in Africa last year now. You can only compare Abuja to Lagos in terms of Standard of living. PH nor reach

Marcus Femi Olowojoba said considering population density and demands in Lagos, it is more expensive.

Someone told me earlier about the unavailability of affordable housing in Lagos. He even said a cemetery for the dead is expensive in Lagos so what are we saying here?

Mazí Okwute said Port Harcourt is more expensive

Massahood Ayodele Ayinde said PortHarcourt of course. Food, hotel and accommodation, clubbing, even women. Albeit, it all depends on your taste; Lagos has its Beverly Hills too. Abuja is the costliest of them all.

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Okeowo Babatunde Akuracy said Port Harcourt of course. My Olosho customers in Lagos will give me bonuses on my birthday and during weekends but Oloshos in PH are too business minded and damn expensive.

Prince Babatunde Adeyemi said PH house and food are more expensive than Lagos.

Sumbo Okuboyejo said My dear, I have tasted both but I can’t really say which is more expensive, to be honest.

Houses in the urban areas of PH and Lagos are almost the same. Food is quite cheap in Lagos but in PH, they hike their prices as if they want to build a house the next day. It’s really annoying.

Transportation in Lagos is MORE expensive then PH. My major problem with PH is security. Everybody is a suspect.

We are throwing this question back to you in case you feel this survey is not justifiable enough.

What’s your opinion?

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  1. PortHarcourt is cheaper because they are less people living there but Lagos is a small city geographically but with a population higher than that of Togo a country bigger than lagos why won’t Lagos be more expensive those people who just want to say bad things about PortHarcourt you don’t know how to lie so just keep quiet

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