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Which city is more expensive: Port Harcourt or Lagos?

Port Harcourt

Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria; flocking with various kinds of people from different works of life while Port Harcourt is the home of oil boys (guys working in oil companies). Because of the status quo of the boys in Port Harcourt, people tend to rate the state of living in Port Harcourt higher than that of Lagos. ...

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15 Reasons Why Lagos Is An Exciting City to Live In

When you think about Lagos as a city, three words easily come to mind – “Business, pleasure, and traffic”. It would be a gross injustice to leave out the latter. This seductive city that is mainly characterized by its vigour and an intensely motivating atmosphere. Everyone seems to be going somewhere fast, always on the move, always on the go. ...

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Lagos is the worst global city to live in after Damascus

worst cities to live in the world

“The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister publication of The Economist of London, says Lagos is the worst global city to live anywhere in the world — after Damascus in war-torn Syria.”- The Cable According to its 2017 liveability report, which considers 140 major cities, Melbourne in Australia retained its crown as the best city to live anywhere in the ...

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