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15 Reasons Why Lagos Is An Exciting City to Live In

When you think about Lagos as a city, three words easily come to mind – “Business, pleasure, and traffic”. It would be a gross injustice to leave out the latter. This seductive city that is mainly characterized by its vigour and an intensely motivating atmosphere.

Everyone seems to be going somewhere fast, always on the move, always on the go. Trying to leave their footprints on the earth of this city. Sometimes, if you listen close enough on a typical Monday morning rush, you will hear the pounding hearts of men and women who have to somehow get somewhere in time. The combination of these heartbeats makes this city the blood supply of the nation.

Lagos is Nigeria’s center of excellence, but if the nation was human, Lagos would make up its entire circulatory system.

If she was a cup of coffee, this city is the cream that has risen to the top.

This city that has become a beautiful abode to millions has a way of seducing even the most ardent pessimist into believing that virtually anything is possible.

It is a city that most Nigerians and even foreign nationals have come to fall in love with inspite of the stress and hardship that is sometimes holf sway.

Below is a list of practical reasons why Lagos is a fantastic place to live;

1. The People

Couple having fun on beach

The best thing about Lagos is the people. The country’s largest financial hub is home to people in varying classes. Yet, there is little or no discrimination. There is a high level of intermarriage and mixing of cultures in Lagos. There are people from different tribes such as; Igalas, Hausas, Itsekiris, Igbos, and Yorubas whose Lagos has become their settlement.

Some Lagos residents are businessmen and women, civil servants, proprietors and proprietress, professors, lecturers, and professional among others. Others are food sellers, clerics, tea sellers, shoe repairers, tailors, local barbers and countless other folks who help define and give colour to Lagos. There are a lot of people from other parts of Nigeria whose first home is Lagos, as they were born here. Lagosians are friendly, kind and have the most incredible smiles!! They are wonderful.

2. The Economy

Lagos Economy Market

Lagos’ economic success sets it apart as a benchmark for other states in Nigeria. Her internally generated revenue (IGR), which is mainly through taxes stood at $1.3 billion in 2015—three times more than the state with the second most IGR and 39% of the total IGR by Nigeria’s 36 states.

In 2017, Lagos’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product) was pegged at $136 billion. This made her economy stand out as the 7th largest in Africa. Remarkably, Lagos’ immense commercial potential belies its size. The smallest state out of Nigeria’s 36, Lagos’s size area is dwarfed in comparison with Africa’s biggest economies.

3. Employment Opportunities

Lagos Employment opportunities

Lagos is Nigeria’s hub of immense employment opportunities. Whatever you do well, you have a market to sell it in Lagos. Youths drift from other parts of the country just to get a job in the nations’ commercial capital. With so many branches and head offices of multinational companies, Lagos has retained her position as the nation’s abode of employment opportunities.

4. The Entertainment Seat of Africa

Davido - Wizkid - Lagos Concert

Lagos is the headquarters of entertainment in Africa. Most of the famous musicians in Nigeria are based in Lagos. The same is true for the stand-up comedians. Most of the record labels that produce and manage international stars are also located in Lagos. If you have got talent and you want to become a star, Lagos is the best city for you to live in.

5. The Markets

Lagos Market

As Nigeria’s commercial capital, there are also some major markets in Lagos. Goods are available at the most affordable rates in these markets. Some of these markets are patronised by people from other states. There are also roadside shops, hawkers, and kiosk owners that meet the domestic needs of people.

6. Transportation

Lagos transportation BRT bus -

A BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) ride will give any foreigner a welcoming feel of this amazing city. Possibly when he/she doesn’t have to queue for long or board an overloaded bus.

Lagos Danfo Transportation

Danfo buses are the popular and easiest alternative.

An encounter with the bus drivers, agberos, and conductors also gives an insight into the lifestyle in Lagos. Aside from high-traffic areas, most roads are easy to navigate and there are traffic lights and signs to keep you in check.

7. Feeding & Street Delicacies

It is generally believed the cost of feeding in other states may be lower than that of Lagos, I partly disagree with that because, in Lagos, you can eat according to your pocket. With 150 NGN, a meal (rice- 70, plantain- 30, and meat-50) at the nearby canteen may be a good idea.

There are also a number of yummy street foods that you will like.

Lagos Suya Seller

Street foods have a distinctive flavour that will be difficult to get anywhere.

The most popular and delicious barbecue meat, known as Suya can be found at almost every corner of the city. Similarly, the famous ‘Agege’ Bread can be also be found on the streets of Lagos.

Lagosians believe that Ewa Aganyin and Agege bread for breakfast taste better than burger.

There other street foods like Akara, Boli, Puff Puff, Abacha, Agbo jedi and many more.

8. Accommodation

Cedar Homes - Lagos Accomadation

Getting an apartment for rent or for sale is easy. You can also get what suits you or what suits your pocket. Accommodation in Lagos is a bit expensive; but, there are cheap apartments on the mainland. From flats to studio apartments and serviced apartments, you can get a property for rent or for sale in minutes via Find Nigeria Property.

If you eventually decide to build your own house, reputable companies like Realty Point, can help you secure good lands in choice areas and develop it for you.

Lagos also has a floating city (Makoko) built over the water and people travel through waterways.

9. Accessibility to Nearby Countries

Lagos - seme border

Lagosians can easily go trips to Benin Republic, Ghana and other neighbouring countries. This is because Lagos has a land border with the Benin Republic through which residents travel to many other West African countries like Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia by road. Lagosians can go all the way.

10. Education

Lagos Schools

Lagos is the hub of some of the country’s most popular citadels of knowledge with very good primary schools and secondary schools that have proven to stand out. Qualitative and affordable education is assured here. Lagos is also home to a number of reputable universities, which make access to tertiary education easier in the city.

11. The Hangout Spots & Exciting Night Life

Fela New Afrika Shrine Lagos

Lagos has one of the most interesting nightlife in all of Nigeria.

The recreational places in Lagos give a form of escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The amazing hangout spots in Lagos will thrill anyone. You don’t necessarily have to go all the way to the island for a good time. There are fantastic places to kick back and relax in Lagos.

Major hangout spots in Lagos are; exclusive hotels, night clubs, malls, gardens and beaches.

There is something for everyone in Lagos Nightlife, never a dull moment in this city.

12. The Airports and Sea Ports

Lagos Sea Port

Lagos handles about 80% of the country’s import. This port of Lagos is also in the list of top 10 in Africa Lagos residents are connected to the world via the international airport and the seaports. Lagosians can book flights to any city in the world and jet out to their destination within the shortest possible time. With the presence of two seaports, the residents can order for goods from any part of the world.

13. The Unexpected Appeal

Beautiful Lagos Landscape

Lagos is a beautiful place to live in terms of building an individual’s strength and capacity. Most Lagosians learn street sense easily. Lagos is also a place that pushes her residents to be independent. The Lagos story is quite amazing.

14. Owambe Parties:

Lagos Owambe Parties

You’ve probably heard people say this before, that “There is no party like a Lagos party”.

Lagosians love parties and no weekend is complete without an Owambe party. Lagos parties are very colorful and unique; the trendy clothes, assorted kind of foods, large gathering of friends and families.

The streets are closed, with a musician on the bandstand blaring loud music with the party goers dancing the night away. Dressed in ‘Aso-Ebi’ of different make and sizes, the Lagos party forms the crazy excitement of the city.

Recently, the Lagos State governor said Lagosians spend as much as N130 billion for parties every month but the beauty of the Owambe party is that jobless young men can go to the party and eat to their belly’s satisfaction, waiting for the next weekend to come.

15. Traffic Jams and the Dramas That Accompany it

Lagos Traffic

If you are a visitor to Lagos, you may find the traffic jams irritable but for us Lagosians, we can’t do without them on a daily basis.  For you, it is madness but for us, it has rather become the norm and as your stay in Lagos grows longer, you find that you’ve become indifferent.

In Lagos, be prepared for long winding queues when you visit this city of diverse population.  So, what’s special about Lagos traffic?

Sometimes you just get to watch the Nigerian version of Fast and Furious” for free!

The Danfo drivers we mentioned earlier love the traffic so much because that is the time they will show their driving skills, driving ‘one way’ against oncoming vehicles. Once there is a queue for any reason, they change lane and start driving against traffic. The longer the jam, the wilder they become.

Lagos is a city full of comedy that you can never experience in any other city. The comedy is woven into everyday life and city’s daily scenes. The transport hustles, the street vendors, Agbero and bus conductors shouting destination names –“Oshodi Oshodi” each with his own distinctive funny tune, spectacular street dance performances and much more.

The Lagos daily scenes is one of the reasons Lagosians are happy people.

What do you think? Tell us in the comment section why you think Lagos is an amazing place to live.



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