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Why the Elderly should be considered when designing Buildings


Our population is ageing rapidly, with the recent average life expectancy of Nigerians put at 54.5 years for both males and females. Therefore providing good elderly care becomes increasingly important. Many elderly Nigerians are in bad health and most live in dilapidated homes, but wouldn’t it be a worthy idea if we make efforts at creating a suitable home for ...

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How to do Real Estate Business the Right Way

Real estate business

Real estate business is becoming really popular by the day and gradually youths are beginning to see it as a way out of unemployment and joblessness. There was a time the real estate business was for a selected few, these days just like the entertainment industry, it is now an all-comers affair, yet only the fittest thrives. This article delves ...

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The Challenges of Housing Delivery in Nigeria

housing deficit probems

Decent and affordable housing is one of the basic needs of individuals, family and the community at large. As a pre-requisite to the survival of man, housing ranks second only to food. This article views the challenges of housing delivery in Nigeria Housing as a unit of the environment has a profound influence on the health, efficient, social behaviour, satisfaction ...

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How To Spot Bad Neighbours/Neighbourhoods When Buying a House

bad neighbours

After months of looking, you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. It’s the perfect size, the perfect price, and the perfect layout. However, there’s only one small problem. You think you might be living next door to a neighbour, or a neighbouring property, that’s less than desirable How do you know? The grass in the yard is knee-high, there’s ...

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Why Due Diligence is Important in Real Estate Investing

due diligence

If you are planning to venture into real estate investing, and have done some research, I’m quite sure you’ve already encountered the phrase “Due Diligence” many times over. What then is due diligence and why is it very important in real estate investing? Due diligence in real estate investing is a process where you are taking the necessary and reasonable ...

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The Impact of Urbanization on the Environment


When there is a sharp general increase in population in response to a growing rate of industrialization in an area then you know that area is going through urbanization. This includes increase in the number and extent of cities. This article focuses on the role urbanization plays on the Nigerian environment. Urbanization symbolizes the movement of people from rural to ...

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How Open Waste Dumps Can Affect Rental Value

‘Effective waste management crucial for sustainable development’

There are many environmental factors that affect rental value of properties, albeit, in this article we will be taking a look at the effects of open waste dumps on rental values The issue of waste disposal and management were not problems to early humans, due to the fact that there were no population explosion and technological advancement at that time. ...

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Why the Ban on Importation of Building Materials Should Not Be Lifted

building material

Substandard imported building materials remain one of the ingredients that lead to failed structures. We take a critical look at the ban on the importation of substandard building materials and why the action taken by the Federal Government will do us a lot more good than harm. Some Nigerian tenants and property owners have in recent times experienced collapse of ...

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The Impact of Climatic Change on Urban Cities

Urban cities

There is an Increasing awareness to the potential impacts of climate change on urban cities. Presently, roughly 50 percent of the world‘s population live in cities, but this figure is expected to reach 66% by 2050. Most of the future growth of the urban population is anticipated in the developing world. Many low-income countries are already exposed to shortage of ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Investing In an Undervalued House

undervalued house

The best possible scenario for a real estate investor is to find a undervalued house to be able to then turn around and sell it for a profit. Obviously, this can be a difficult prospect as real estate markets becoming increasingly clogged with willing investors, but what happens when you do find a possible target? How do you evaluate its ...

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