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Why You Should Enjoy Living And Working In Lagos

Lagos may be the most populated city in Nigeria but it is also the most economically viable city in West Africa and one of the best places to live on the African continent. This article explains why you should live and work in Lagos.

I have a couple of friends who swore never to live in Lagos while we were still students. Today, they don’t only work in the best companies in the city of excellence, they have not gone back to the places where they were born and bred in donkey years, not even for a visit!

The way they say beautiful things about Lagos these days even amazes me. I sometimes can’t help but wonder if it is the same Lagos where I spent the greater part of my life, save when I had to go school in Benin they are talking about.

Trust me, Lagos can be that addictive or why else do you think they call it the city of excellence.

The average Nigerian who grew up in the Northern, Eastern or Southern region of the country believes that once he sets foot in Lagos, he or she is bound to eat the good of the land. And to some extent it’s true if you know what you are really doing and with some level of luck working for you.

Lagos is Nigeria’s most amazing city, no matter how you look at it or what the haters say. The city has everything to offer everyone in spite of ethnicity, religion or status, little wonder some persons may want to refer to it as ‘no man’s land’.

The city prides itself in its unique experiences and matchless vibes – where the locals, popularly known as ‘Lagosians’ are what set the city apart.

That notwithstanding, living and working in Lagos does come with its barrage of challenges, but it can’t be compared to the opportunities that exist in the city that was robbed of its status as Nigeria’s proud capital in the 90’s by the Babangida regime.

One major obstacle to living and working in Lagos that is unique to the city is the traffic congestion that exists on the major road and streets in the city. In fact, the traffic situation in Lagos is everywhere you go and is unarguably the worst in Nigeria.

If I tell you the number of years an average Lagosian spends in traffic in an entire lifetime, you would what the title of this article to be changed to “ why you should not live and work in Lagos”.

Albeit judging this mind-blowing city by the traffic gridlock inherent on the roads will be unfair, considering the size of the city itself and the alarming population of Nigerians that has made the place their place of domicile.

The grand beaches in Nigeria’s most illustrious and magnificent Island makes Lagos the best place to be not just for the country’s teeming population but also for the expatriates and tourist alike. You won’t find such in Abuja – the so called Federal capital, Calabar, Port-Harcourt or even Warri.

A wise man once said that if any vibrant youth comes to Lagos and doesn’t succeed that youth can’t succeed elsewhere in the world, would you agree less?

Also, Lagos is the major economic nerve centre of Nigeria and the rest of West African sub-region. Most industries and business enterprises in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos. The chance of building your career and rising to the pinnacle of your chosen profession is higher in Lagos than any other city in Nigeria or West Africa, or isn’t it why they call it the city of hustlers?

Here is another angle to the city’s prowess. In lasgidi you really can’t tell the difference between night and day. Unlike other cities in Nigeria, the night life in Lagos is overly exciting. Many shows to attend and parties to groove in and if grooving and partying is not your thing, you could just savor the taste of chilled beer in a local bar or drain down a glass of wine in a classic wine lounge, just the way it is done in major cities in the world.

Lagos has a lot of interesting attractions that will take your mind off the rigours of life and if you are the religious type, then you will fit into Lagos life perfectly. Without exaggerating, there is at least a church on every street in Lagos and that is putting it mildly. And if you decide that you want to start one yourself, there is room for everyone in Lagos.

In addition, with pidgin English as the unofficial language in Lagos you can be rest assured that a language barrier is non-existent.

What is it you need that you won’t get in a city that celebrates 50 years of excellence?

You’ve not even heard the best part yet. In actual sense, Lagos is yet to fulfill its full potentials, the city’s best years are ahead of it.

Now, tell me why you should live elsewhere in Nigeria?

Of a truth, living in Lagos is more satisfying that living anywhere in Nigeria!

What sayeth thou?

Celebrating Lagos at 50

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