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5 Signs It’s Time You Break Up With Your Landlord

Do you know many tenants live in their rented apartments discontented, yet can’t show their landlords their discontentment? Well…it is normal to feel disconnected from what isn’t entirely yours. This article lists 5 signs it’s time to break up with your landlord.

Just as it is with every relationship on earth, your landlord is usually all nice and dandy at first, but don’t be deceived. Things can change in the twinkle of an eye. All of a sudden your landlord can become insensitive, annoying, irresponsible and even evil all at once.

Whether your once-upon- a- time nice, responsible and kind-hearted landlord has turned a devil overnight, even if he is like family to you, everything that has a beginning does come with an end.

Here are signs that it’s time to break up with your landlord:

1. The absent partner

The landlord is generally responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the rental property, especially if it affects your health and safety. In some cases a caretaker or facility manager is put in place to effect the responsibilities of the landlord.

However, the tenant also has responsibilities of his own, especially when it comes to doing minor repairs within the house. You can’t have a faulty light switch, fused light bulb or faucet, yet still call on your landlord to effect repairs…Haba! Your landlord has a life too.

Having said that, whether inside or outside a tenant’s apartment, the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord must be clearly defined in the lease contract.

According to what is agreed upon in your rental contract, when a landlord begins to avoid his responsibilities and forces you to take up repairs within the premises even when you’ve never owed him rent for a day, then it’s time to end the toxic relationship

2. The uninvited guest    

No matter how familiar your landlord has become with you, it is unethical if he begins to enter your apartment unnoticed. A landlord cannot just bump into your apartment at odd times of the day just because he is the landlord. And probably on some days when he realizes the door to your apartment is locked, he then bangs on it with all the strength in him like he wants to break into your apartment.

If your landlord cannot respect your privacy or your time, it might be a sign that you need to find another place to call home.

3. The no talker

I’ll bet you don’t want a deaf and dumb for a landlord.

If you have very pressing issues that bothers you about the property and you’ve tried contacting the landlord or even communicating it with him to no avail, then you are dealing with a douche-bag.

This only shows that your worries are not his concern.

In relationships, communication is a two-way thing. When one party begins to foil every attempt to build a water-tight communication from the other or feels too important, then it’s time to call it quits.

4. The rent-riser

A landlord who specializes in increasing rents without warning doesn’t deserve to have any tenant in his property.

A landlord should ascertain that his current crop of tenants can cope effectively with a rent increase. In fact, the lease agreement should state when rental increases occur and by how much it will increase by. The landlord is also responsible for communicating this to you and making sure you understand it.

When an increment in rent occurs abruptly and you try to negotiate the situation with your landlord only to realize he’s not open for negotiation – don’t push it. It only proves it’s time to move on!

5. The one who holds you back

Does your landlord have a strict no pet policy? Does he lock his gates after 10pm? Are you not allowed to have guests over after 10pm?

If your rental property no longer suites your lifestyle, it’s time to upgrade. If you find a place that gives you the lifestyle you deserve, don’t let it slip by.



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