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Why Are Crushed Stones And Rail Tracks Inseparable?

rail tracks

How I wish many marriages in Nigeria are like crushed stones and rail tracks that can’t do without each other. The relationship between these two is what you really can term “for better, for worse”. Maybe couples should learn from them. This article reveals what makes them tick: Why are crushed stones and rail tracks inseparable? This is a good ...

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Major Flood Flash Points In Nigeria

flood flash points

A common environmental problem in Nigeria is flood and it is said to occur when a body of water moves over and above an area of land which is not normally submerged. It could also be seen as the inundation of an area not normally covered with water, through a temporary rise in level of stream, river, lake or sea. ...

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Management and Control of Flood in Nigeria


The recent flooding that has plagued some states in the federation causing devastation, has raised great concern about the nation’s stance towards the management and control of flood in Nigeria. This article takes a critical look at this menace and ways to curb it. If my memory isn’t failing me yet, it has been raining in my country since the ...

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Should Affordable Housing Be The Right Of Every Lagosian?

Affordable Housing

Considering the various housing and urban renewal project set up by the Lagos state Government, is there a possibility that Lagos may only just be for the rich? After all there are 36 states in the country…This article poses a basic question in search for answers; “Should affordable housing be the right of Every Lagosian?“ Each day I live the ...

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Why Property Search Sites In Nigeria Have Come To Stay

Property search sites

There was a time when property search sites never existed,when the rigours of finding a house to buy or rent was worse than undergoing a housing project. The stress that comes with it was so discouraging that you may be tempted to put an end to the whole charade of finding a home to live. In this article, we take ...

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Why You Should Pursue a Career In Real Estate Management

real estate management

Real estate management frequently referred to as property management or asset management – is a critical segment of the much broader real estate industry. This article talks about why you should pursue a career in real estate management. Are you seeking a career that offers the opportunity for challenge and advancement? A job filled with interesting work? A place where ...

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Top 10 World’s Most Bizarre Bathrooms

This article is about rest rooms or conveniences or bathrooms as the case may be, that go against the conventional way of constructing bathrooms. I guess finding weird bathrooms in Nigeria is commonplace. If you go to places like Ajegunle and Mushin where there are a lot of tenement buildings otherwise called face-me-I-face-you or face-me-I-slap-you apartments, you will come across ...

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5 Tips On How To Make a Smart Real Estate Purchase

Stakeholders seek improvement in real estate investments

What does it take to make a smart real estate purchase? So many people make the mistake of sealing a real estate purchase or deal without weighing the pros and cons just because the deal appears to be juicy. This article dishes out 5 worthy tips to bear in mind before finalizing that life-changing deal. Real estate scam is a ...

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Why Anti Land Grabbing Law Will Work In Lagos – State Lawmaker

Land grabbing

Deputy Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Olumuyiwa Jimoh, who is representing Apapa II, speaks to Vanguard on the newly enacted law criminalising land grabbing in the state.  What is the significance of the land grabbing law? The land grabbing law is important in so many ways. Hitherto, there was a law that addressed the issue of land ...

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