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How The Activities of Man Has Led To Land Degradation In Nigeria

Oil spills

Land degradation relates to the depreciation in the qualities and quantities of vegetation, soil resource, air, water resource among others. This article takes a look at the adverse effects of the activities of Man to the Nigerian environment. Land reclamation efforts for effective use constitute as a major panacea to the problems of land degradation in the not only in ...

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The Efficiency of The Land Tenure System In Nigeria

Land Tenure System

Human needs are insatiable and the want for land is no different. In fact, virtually all human activities require land. The Land tenure system in Nigeria and its effectiveness is the focus of this article. Due to the diverse needs of different human activities with respect to location and quantity of land, there is often an intense competition for land, ...

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Why Poverty And Homelessness Are of The Same Lineage


Two trends have been largely responsible for homelessness in recent times: a growing shortage of affordable rental housing and a simultaneous increase in poverty. This article addresses the rate of poverty in the country in relation to housing. Homelessness and poverty are inextricably linked. Poor people are frequently unable to pay for housing, food, childcare, health care, and education. Difficult ...

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An Overview of Housing Demand and Supply In Nigeria

Housing demand

The migration of people from rural areas to urban centres has been increasing at an alarming rate. This has resulted in an increase in housing demand in most of our urban centres in Nigeria. The failure of the government on housing demand and supply is the focus of this article. Housing demand can be explained as the willingness and ability ...

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Why Are Crushed Stones And Rail Tracks Inseparable?

rail tracks

How I wish many marriages in Nigeria are like crushed stones and rail tracks that can’t do without each other. The relationship between these two is what you really can term “for better, for worse”. Maybe couples should learn from them. This article reveals what makes them tick: Why are crushed stones and rail tracks inseparable? This is a good ...

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Major Flood Flash Points In Nigeria

flood flash points

A common environmental problem in Nigeria is flood and it is said to occur when a body of water moves over and above an area of land which is not normally submerged. It could also be seen as the inundation of an area not normally covered with water, through a temporary rise in level of stream, river, lake or sea. ...

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Management and Control of Flood in Nigeria


The recent flooding that has plagued some states in the federation causing devastation, has raised great concern about the nation’s stance towards the management and control of flood in Nigeria. This article takes a critical look at this menace and ways to curb it. If my memory isn’t failing me yet, it has been raining in my country since the ...

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Should Affordable Housing Be The Right Of Every Lagosian?

Affordable Housing

Considering the various housing and urban renewal project set up by the Lagos state Government, is there a possibility that Lagos may only just be for the rich? After all there are 36 states in the country…This article poses a basic question in search for answers; “Should affordable housing be the right of Every Lagosian?“ Each day I live the ...

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Why Property Search Sites In Nigeria Have Come To Stay

Property search sites

There was a time when property search sites never existed,when the rigours of finding a house to buy or rent was worse than undergoing a housing project. The stress that comes with it was so discouraging that you may be tempted to put an end to the whole charade of finding a home to live. In this article, we take ...

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