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Top 10 Ugliest Buildings In The World

You know that feeling when you conceive an idea and you think you’re a genius. I’m wondering if it was the same feeling the architects who came up with the designs for these buildings had before it was tagged ‘ugly. Someone or even people must have loved their idea.

These buildings are undoubtedly ugly, and the set of people that may still think these buildings are beautiful will have to be the beholder, and am thinking the beholders would be the architects that designed our top 10 Ugliest Buildings in the world. I may be wrong though but walai! If to say na my money them use build all these buildings ehn! I will just commit murder. How can you pay good money only to have your building looking like a science project, a kid’s toy, an extinct animal, an octopus, the staff of Oranmiyan or even the witches coven?

Here are the top 10 ugliest buildings in the world;

10. Delftware Warming Station, The Netherlands


Abeg, who build this kain thing? This building reminds me of the brick game I played in primary school. This building has been identified as the ugliest building in the Netherlands. The architect must be a rockstar.

9. Selfridges Department Store, England


Jees! why are people like this naa? See as the thing resemble octopus. Whoever came up with the design of this shopping centre is just looking for trouble. Found in Birmingham’s Bull Ring Shopping Center, the face of Selfridges Deparment Store leaves some people swooning and others cringing.

8. The Rock, Wellington International Airport, New Zealand


Why is this building looking like an extinct animal? And them say the building na airport, aswear I won’t board an airplane from this kain airport even if the ticket na free. A relatively new addition to the ugly pages, this extension of the Wellington International Airport in New Zealand was constructed in 2010.

7. Roundhouses, Netherlands


This one na still person house o! Aswear bomb dey some people head, especially all these oyibo. After building 50 or so in the 1970′s there wasn’t enough support to continue building these futuristic looking houses in the small European country, for somewhat obvious reasons.

6. Landmark Theater, England


I can bet on my life that they only stage scary or horror movies in this place. Set along the coastline of Ilfracombe in England, these strange looking, out of place towers are actually a rooftop addition to the Landmark Theater.

5. First World Hotel, Malaysia


No wonder! I have been complaining that I haven’t sighted a rainbow in years, now I know why. This is the building that has it. Why on earth will a hotel be looking like a kiddies play zone or even the lights from a disco party. Some painters should be serial killers.

4. La Lavadora, Mexico City


This unarguably is the biggest washing machine I’ve ever seen. Yet someone approved this design. The world indeed has gone berserk. As you can see there is a reason this building is known as La Lavadora, or “the washer”. Set in one of Mexico City’s upscale business districts it definitely stands out against the background and generated mixed reactions.

3. Agbar Tower, Barcelona


See as this building resemble Opa Oranyan, otherwise known as Opa Oranmiyan, a former Yoruba King and prime heir to Oduduwa from Ile Ife. But why something like this just take over an entire city. There are few buildings in the world that can almost be considered objectively bad ideas…and this is one of them. Chai! world people.

2. Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic


This is so not fair. Look at the way this tower spoilt the beauty for this city. Built during the communist regime, the Zizkov tower has often been rated to be one of the ugliest buildings in the world and was not received warmly by locals, if not because it “ruined” an otherwise beautiful city skyline.

1. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea


OMG! Is this a shrine or something? It sure looks like a place where witches converge to hold meetings. At another glance you will think a rocket is being launched into space. Come to be known as the “Hotel of Doom” the Ryugyong Hotel dominates the Pyongyang skyline and has been referred to as the “worst building in the history of mankind”.

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