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Why You Must Own a House Before It’s Too Late

If there is an asset you must acquire before you depart this world, that asset is a house, no matter how small it seems. And I’m not talking about a rented apartment. The reasons are not far-fetched.

There’s a level of peace that comes with owning a house; a serenity that is unfathomable. Unlike when people buy fancy cars and other eye-popping asset to show-off their wealth, buying a house is a whole lot more than that. Even if it is the only thing you must achieve before you die, then achieve it!

As Kenny Guinn said; “There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home.”

Building or owning your own house should be your topmost priority, goal and aspiration; it should be a dire need. Something you must actualize come rain or shine.

Here are 8 reasons why you must build or own a house;

1. To Prepare for Old Age: Like I said earlier, you must build your house before death comes knocking at your door, even if that is the only property you will own in this life. When you are in your own house, you will spend your old age in peace. I mean, how can you be 70 and you are still having issues with your landlord or you are still thinking of where the money for the next rent will come from. That alone will make you die a slow death. And God help you if you are hypertensive. Now you see why you must own a house before you retire from active service.
2. Rent keeps rising: If you calculate how much you spend on rents yearly, you will realize that a lot of money actually goes into house rents. And if we are honest with ourselves, let’s say you save that money instead, then in a range of 5-15 years, depending on the size of your apartment you too can be a landlord.

Worse still, rent keeps increasing. No landlord will reduce rent even if you are a member of MFM. A typical mini flat in Lagos goes for an average of N300,000 . Imagine how much N300,000 will fetch you in 5  years. Be wise! Build your own house today!
3. Landlords are difficult: If you think your landlord loves you because both of you have a cordial relationship, then he may just love you. But most times, landlord love their tenants for selfish reasons. The question you be asking yourself is; do you pay your rent regularly? If the answer to that question is yes! then you have the main reason why your landlord seems to love you. The mutual understanding you enjoy is strictly because you pay your rent when due.

Which landlord won’t love a loyal tenant. Because you guys are friend doesn’t stop him from increasing your rent when he feels an impulse to, especially when he believes you are capable. Also, the rules and regulations governing occupancy of his property still applies to you even if you are beginning to nurture the feeling that your landlord is that brother or father you never had
4. It is the best legacy for your children: The best legacy you can leave for your children is not cars, jewelries, clothes, or even a fat bank account; a house is the greatest asset your children will remember you for. Whenever I go to my family house and see my father’s resting place, I remember how much he toiled hard to build that house be fore he passed on to the great beyond.

5. To have a permanent house address: A lot of Nigerians change their house addresses like the clothes on their body. Invariably, many of us really do not have a permanent address. How will you even have, when you’ve changed homes like 5 times in 3 years. Are you in dire need of a permanent address? Then you should build your own house

6. The fear of your landlord: Most tenants develop cold feet when it’s getting close to the expiration of their house rents. Some even relocate elsewhere or go stay with a friend when that day draws near just because they do not want a confrontation with their landlord or they don’t want to be humiliated.

As for the landlord its business as usual, after all the house was built with their own sweat not yours. If there is something a tenant fears most when it comes with being in their landlord’s black book, It’s the issue of quit notice. The mere mention of that word alone can cause you sleepless nights.

A friend of mine once told me that, “he suspects are landlady is a witch” just because he saw her chasing him with a cutlass in his dream, yet he was only scared of his landlady’s harassment since his rent expiration was 2 days away and he didn’t even have half of his rental money. You can never be free of this drama if you are not making efforts to build your own house. Your Landlord is just a freaking business man, be wise!

7. To fulfill one of life’s greatest goals: Owning a house is one of life’s greatest goals. If it’s not part of your goal in life, then suffice it to say that you probably don’t have a goal.Getting married, having children, building a house are some of life’s major goals. Almost everybody achieves the first two(by choice or force), but few people achieve the last one. Would you be one of the few or would you just tarry along with the crowd? The choice is yours

8. Problems of Fake Estate Agents: This is a very critical aspect to home ownership. Many have fallen to the whims and caprices of scam artist who parade themselves as estate agents. This is another reason you must build your own house, because if you are still looking for a place to rent, then its is probable you will come across these men who are just out there to swindle you. One of the surest ways to ensure that you are not duped of your hard earned cash is  by building your own house

You can’t have all you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you; owning a house should be one.

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