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Building or Buying a House: Which is better?

Buying a house

The thought of buying a land and erecting your own building to your own taste is good but isn’t buying an entire house anew without going through all the preambles better? Many people have actually reached a deadlock in an attempt to take a decision on the aforementioned premise. We would be taking a critical look at the merits and ...

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Effects of housing on health

effects of housing on health

In Nigeria and most developing countries, the effects of housing on health has been de-emphasised. Housing and health may not be closely related, however your choice of neighbourhood and habitation plays a huge role in keeping you healthy. The effects of a sub-par housing condition on the health status of many residents could be devastating if not checked. Inadequate or ...

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How to effect land excision in Lagos State

A lot of people have issues understanding what excision means. This is why I have decided to help out by writing this article on how to effect land excision in Lagos State. A portion of land is said to be excised if such has been legally released through a government gazette to the indigenous settlers. The Land use act of ...

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How termites can destroy your home

Guess what else can lead to the collapse of that building of yours…A relentless real estate property agent in the nuisance category. Termites are tiny wood-boring insects that are silent killers to homes and other buildings; their preoccupation is destruction. They have been around since the beginning of time because they are adaptable to ever-changing environments. Their ability to cause ...

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Relocation as a last resort in the event of a disaster

Relocation is defined as a process whereby a community’s housing, assets, and public infrastructure are rebuilt in another location. Relocation is sometimes perceived to be the best option after a disaster for one or more of the following reasons: (1) People have already been displaced by the disaster (2) Their current location is judged to be uninhabitable, or (3) Relocation ...

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Pros and cons of real estate investing

Buying an investment property can be an overwhelming yet a dicey decision especially in this part of the world. Any type of property, whether it’s commercial or residential, can be a good investment opportunity. For your money, commercial properties typically offer more financial reward than residential properties, such as rental apartments or single-family homes, but there also can be more ...

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The right kinds of homes for kids in a sane world

“The right kinds of homes” is relative to that part of the world you find yourself. If you are in a developed society, then it may probably be easy to get. However its a different tale for my counterparts in developing countries while under-developed countries are worse of. White kids have luxuries but do you think black kids don’t love ...

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LUXURY HOMES: Is it a necessity?

Banana Island: Arguably Nigeria's most expensive neighbourhood

The opulence, architectural significance, size, environment and probably the location of a particular property determines the type of property it is. One man’s simple home is another man’s castle it all depends on how consequential that building is to the owner and how he/she perceives the property. A home targeted to high net worth individuals is a home for few, ...

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Housing is one of man’s key needs. Most people would like to own their own houses. Unfortunately, there are far too many obstacles stifling the achievement of this dream of owning their own homes. In spite of Nigeria being Africa’s largest economy with a GDP of $510 billion, the housing and construction sector accounts for only 3.1% of the rebased ...

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20 interesting real estate facts you need to know

Real estate is serious business, but within the paper works and all the extra work that goes into securing a home, there are also a lot of interesting facts you should get acquainted with. There is really nothing bad, as a real estate professional, to know some interesting real estate facts.  I believe you will have a totally different and ...

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