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Top 5 Attributes Of A Bad Landlord

Bad landlord

Finding a bad landlord isn’t hard at all especially in Lagos. Bad landlords have a reputation that shapes the face of their entire neighbourhood. This article reveals signs that tell your landlord is a bad person. Dealing with a terrible landlord is worse than having a boss you will never be able to please. There are so many bad landlords ...

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How To Access A Mortgage


What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is a lien on a property/house that secures a loan and is paid (interest and principal) in installments over an agreed period of time. The mortgage secures your promise that you’ll repay the money you’ve borrowed to buy your home. Mortgages come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own advantages and ...

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Land use administration

Land use administration in developed countries is carried out with ease and this is due to their adoption of E-government. However the situation is not the same in some developing countries and Nigeria is no exception. This article addresses concept of ICT model in Land use administration. Land remains pivotal to any meaningful development of man and his society. The ...

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The New Lagos Traffic Law Of Gains And Pains

New lagos traffic law

This article sheds more light on the implications of the new Lagos traffic law. What are the gains and the pains of the new Lagos traffic law to Lagosians and Lagos at large. Find out in this article. It seems the end of the road has come for lawless motorists especially drivers of commercial buses popularly called danfo, with the ...

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Is Dry Construction The Solution To Housing Deficit?

Housing deficit

The mass housing sector in Nigeria presently suffers from a housing deficit of over 17 million units and the numbers seem not to be heading for a decline anytime soon. This article is a sequel to last week’s article on “The emergence of dry construction in Nigeria“. Did you know that the real traditional African construction is dry? In the ...

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The Emergence Of Dry Construction In Nigeria

Housing deficit

Last year, a product was launched giving hope to the emergence of modern dry construction in Nigeria. Therefore, it was a welcome development when one of our correspondents spoke to a consultant with vast experience in the dry construction method of building this past week. This article captures salient points that formed the basis of the discussion. Dry construction as ...

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What You Should Know About Ikeja (1)

FG Can’t Continue Funding of Airports - Minister of Aviation

Ikeja is one of Nigeria’s 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) lying on the geographical coordinates of 6° 35′ 48″ N, 3° 20′ 35″ E. This article reveals some facts about this long-standing capital of Lagos state you probably never knew. Historically, Ikeja consists of 78 communities and the earliest settlers in Ikeja and its environs were Aworis who migrated from Ota-an Awori town in ...

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5 Mega Construction Projects To Look Out For In 2016

Though the Goodluck Jonathan Administration was characterized by a massive case of widespread corruption, the rise of mega construction projects was also its hallmark. This article highlights 5 mega construction projects to look out for or possibly monitor closely this year. These projects are expected to re-define our landscape. There are some ongoing mega construction projects in Nigeria which when ...

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The Dangers Of Using Substandard Building Materials

substandard building materials

The influx of substandard building materials into our market is worrisome. It seems to have saturated the market and sometimes comes easy and cheap to builders and owners of building projects. Albeit the first source of concern for every builder should  be Material Quality and Sustainability. It is appalling and thought-provoking how a newly built structure suddenly undergo repairs and ...

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What You Should Know About Ikorodu Town (2)

Ikorodu town

Ikorodu town – initially a massive forest lying a few kilometers north of the Lagos Lagoon, and less than 10 kilometers north of the Atlantic Ocean, was once a walled City. This article is the second and concluding part of “ What you should know about Ikorodu”. It bridges the gap between the old and the new. Read part one ...

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