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Five Reasons Some People Dread Living In Their Own Homes

For some people building or buying a house is never an issue but they still dread the idea. This article states few reasons why some people dread living in their own homes.

Everyone needs a place he can call a home and that place shouldn’t be a rented apartment. In fact any place that only guarantees shelter temporarily and doesn’t offer you that luxury of freedom shouldn’t be called a home in the first place. Stability and comfort are key parts or ingredients of shelter, once that is missing then you are living in a house and not a home.

The truth is that anyone who rents an apartment or a house because he/she thinks building one will cost a fortune still ends up spending a fortune to pay rent for a place every year considering the fact that it is a continuous process. Building a house may cost a fortune, however it is a one-off thing unlike rent that can never cease.

In view of this, have you ever wondered why some people don’t ever want to buy or build a home?

Have you ever wondered why some people want to stay in rented houses all the days of their life?

Below are top five reasons why some people don’t ever want to live in their own house


Yeah! It is widely believed that renting an apartment costs less and helps you spend money on other things. This is so true and shouldn’t be disputed but on the long run it really is not.  If you calculate how much you spend on rent annually depending on the size of your apartment in relation to building your own house you will realize that the latter pays off eventually except you believe you aren’t going to be spending much time on earth, then I will advise you not to bother building or buying a home at all. You keep staying in that rented apartment till your creator calls you.


If you have wanderlust or you are on the type of job that necessitates you moving around from city to city, state to state or town to town frequently then home buying or building might not be the best option. People build homes to live in them for the long haul, generally, and to build equity. That can be hard if you are owning a home one minute then trying to offload it the next minute.


Some people still do not have faith in the Nigerian real estate sector. They believe everyone there is a scam artist and is only out to dupe them of their hard-earned money. They are not even willing to venture. For them it is a no go area and they would rather continue living in their rented apartment. This is a looser’s mentality.


When you think about what it takes to own a land or house and the bottlenecks involved in the documentation, you may want to shelve that idea totally especially in a country such as ours. Asides the money you invest in landed properties, the time, energy and resources you exude into the project could drain you emotionally and physically. It’s definitely not a walk in the park. It is only for the strong-minded; survival of the fittest. Albeit life itself is not for the weak.


Ask the Igbos what happened to their properties and investments in Nigeria during the Biafra war and you will understand why this is a source of headache for some people especially the Lagosians who are only Lagosians via place of domicile. Having spent a greater part of one’s life in a particular region of a country, you may want to consider building your own house in that region but when you remember you are not really from that part of the country or worse still you don’t speak the same language with natives of that region you may want to have a rethink, so that what happened between 1967-1970 don’t repeat itself.

It is even worse in the north where insurgents are going ballistic. Houses and homes are destroyed while people are displaced daily in the north-eastern part of the country. So to some people renting a home is the best option and the most sensible thing to do in places where civil unrest is a dominant feature and political instability is a certainty. Its then safe to rent a house to save yourself heartaches and suicidal instincts in the event that you lose fortunes to a sudden catastrophe. Thank God we are even not in a part of the world that is prone to natural disasters that would have been a hard pill to swallow.

Regardless, owning a house and living in a building you can call home is still the best acquisition a man can stake claim to.



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