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Chief tenant chased out of apartment, moved into his house 27days after

Kazeem Abolore S, a renowned chief tenant in Lagos was chased out of his apartment for living in the house for 8years. According to the story he posted on Facebook, his landlord’s grand-daughter just woke up one day, came with police men to arrest he and his wife.

Read his story below.

This day last month, two remarkable things happened to me.

One, my landlady’s grand-daughter came with two police men to arrest me and my wife.

Our offense? We have lived in their house for eight years, we both have been working for eight years with nothing to show for it.

The second thing: It was the same day that Print Doctor Africa Mr. Ebadan Ayodeji honoured me with an award at the Print Doctor Africa Conference. Lord be praised.

As for the first occurrence, 27 days after, I moved into my own house. Glory be to God.

Rejoice with me as I and my family moved to our house now three days ago – Sunday 15th August 2021.

He later shared top 5 lessons he learnt from building his first house in another post.

Please read below


You should expect this already because I don’t live life aimlessly. I pick lessons from everything around me.

So, here is part 1 of 5 life lessons from building and moving into my own house.

  1. I had a goal to buy land in 2017 even when I didn’t have a dime.

One of my goals in 2017 was to buy land after I had been working for five years.

That goal pushed me to start saving 10k every month. I had only saved for 8 months (80k) when the opportunity came to buy a plot of land at 300k.

I raised 20k to add to the 80k to make 100k. God used some people to help me raise the remaining 200k to get the land. I paid the money back over 12 months.

One year after, December 26th 2018, I started building. And in three years, I moved into a spacious and standard three bedroom flat.


Do you desire to become a landowner?

Have you set a goal towards achieving it?

When do you want to buy your first land?

Not everyone who dreams to become a landlord will become one but anyone who doesn’t have the desire to become a landlord will not be.

Answer those two questions and see what happens to you.

That’s how Kayode’s story changed from being a renowned chief tenant to a landlord. What are you doing to change your story? That’s something to ponder on.

You may want to watch this video to learn how to become a landlord with just N4,000 daily contribution……https://www.instagram.com/tv/CStz-vxjy8f/?utm_medium=copy_link


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