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Where Do You Consider As The Best Place To Live?

The best place to live

Where’s the best place to live? That depends on what’s important to you. Location is of paramount concern for most people when choosing a new home. That’s why it’s crucial to have accurate facts and specifics about places and new communities so you can make an informed decision. This article looks at least 6 factors the average Nigerian should consider ...

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15th Lagos Housing Fair Begins April 25

15th Lagos Housing Fair Begins April 25

The 15th Lagos Housing Fair (LHF) begins on April 25. The Vice Chairman of the  LHF Committee, Mr. Moses Ogunleye, told reporters that attention would to be paid to the values and benefits in the production, application and promotion of indigenous materials of all types. He observed that at this stage of the country’s development, Nigeria should be a global ...

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Oga Martins & His Kettle Of Fishes – Episode 2

Oga Martins & His Kettle Of Fishes

Though it was raining and pouring down ceaselessly, Martins and Aisha were unaware as they continued their argument into the night. Aisha had stopped Martins from answering Runo’s calls yet again and the issue was really getting out of hand. Aisha had finally answered the call but that made matters even worse. Aisha had rained insults on Runo with no ...

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Are We Adhering To The Lagos Tenancy Law?

The Lagos tenancy law

Since the Lagos Tenancy law was promulgated in 2011, it remains to be seen if there’s been full adherence to the law. In this article we will take a look at some of the aspects of the law where landlords have been found wanting. These are offences that shouldn’t even arise with or without the law in place. The problem ...

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Lagos-Calabar Rail Controversy: Senate Tells Amaechi to Apologise or Resign,

Amaechi pledges to complete ongoing rail projects, seeks cooperation

The Nigerian Senate has asked the Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi, to resign his appointment as Minister or apologize to the Senate and Nigerians over the Lagos-Calabar rail project that has generated a lot controversies in the last 48 hours. Members of the National Assembly and the presidency have been at loggerheads after media reports alleged that the National Assembly ...

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London Property Market Cooling As Asking Prices Are Slashed

Rising London property costs could lead to firms relocating, says study

London’s property market appears to be cooling down with research revealing that up to 40pc of houses for sale in some areas of the capital have had to cut their asking prices since coming to market. Earl’s Court, in west London, and Surbiton, to the south-west, had the highest proportion of price cuts in the capital, with 40pc and 38pc of properties for sale in the respective ...

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Lawyer Accused of Taking £500,000 Bribe In Property Dispute

misconduct charge court stories alleged fraud

Andrew Thornhill QC, a leading tax lawyer, was paid a bribe of £500,000 to act in a biased way to resolve a family property dispute, the high court has heard. The former head of Pump Court Tax Chambers in London has been accused of taking the payment from one side in the dispute despite being appointed as an independent expert ...

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Nigeria’s Land Use Act And The Common Man

Buy Land In Nigeria

Since the enactment of  Nigeria’s Land Use Act in 1978, there have been many outcries concerning it. The controversy surrounding the Act is as heated as the corruption war of the Buhari administration. This article views the gains and the loss of Nigeria’s Land Use Act and how it affects the average Nigerian. Nigeria the pearl of the black world ...

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